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Coach MacLean post-game - 11.3.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Senators came out on the wrong side of another shootout loss on Sunday despite a strong effort against the Dallas Stars. After the game, much of the focus was on Craig Anderson who was stretchered off the ice in overtime. The Sens goaltender took a knee to the head on a jam play in the crease and was in obvious discomfort.

Sens head coach Paul MacLean updated Anderson's status and gave his thoughts on the game. Here's what he had to say...

On Craig Anderson's status:

He's got a stiff neck and he's going to get some further evaluation, but everything is fine except for that. We'll let the doctors evaluate him and have a better assessment of him tomorrow.

On if there were positives tonight:

I thought we started the game good again tonight. We made a couple of mistakes that ended up in our net, but I thought that, again, wedug in and found a way to get something out of a game. I thought, again, that's a great start for our team. Let's continue to dig in and continue to get something out of a game. In the overtime, we're trying to win the game. We're trying to do anything to win a game. It was a little bit Helter Skelter but we're out there trying to win the game and that's a good sign.

On the double minor penalty kill as a turning point:

I think so, I think the killing off the four minute penalty gave us momentum, shortly after that we scored a goal and I think the goal then gave us a little bit more momentum and we started to put together better and better shifts in the second period. Their shot count was at 29 I believe after the second period and we held them to 36 in the game. I thought in the third period we did a really good job of shutting them down and taking the puck to their net.

On playing Borowiecki right after the third goal:

Well, you've got to put him back on the ice. Stuff is going to happen. I thought Borowiecki's game was very good tonight. I thought he was physical, I thought he brought the attitude we were looking for. He made a lot of simple plays. He got caught in a situation that ended up going bad for him, but I think it's important that we keep — we've been putting everybody else back on the ice when they make mistakes so we should do the same thing for him.

On if Anderson will miss time:

Right now I can't say. My expectation is yes but I can't say right now how much he would. My speculation is that we play Tuesday and he wouldn't play.

On building off the game:

The way that we shut them down in the third period, not allowing any more shots at our net. I thought we did a much better job of pursuit and cutting the rink in half and doing things to keep the puck out of our zone. I thought that we found a way to, again, to get the game — it's late we get a goal late. We found a way to dig in and I think that's a good character builder for us and then trying to really win the game in overtime. I thought good building blocks for us but it still remains for us to come back here tomorrow and try to just get a little bit better again.

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