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Coach MacLean post-game - 11.28.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

The Sens took a tough loss on Thursday night against the Vancouver Canucks by a 5-2 score. Sens head coach Paul MacLean gave his thoughts on the game after the final horn.

Here's what he had to say...

On the second period:

They played, we didn't.

On what happened:

That's what we're going to search. This is — tonight we got what we earned, last night we got what we earned and 26 times this year so far we've gotten what we've earned. Whether that's wins or losses, every night we've earned it and tonight we earned it again. We've got to start being way more consistent and playing much harder to win on a nightly basis from shift to shift and period to period.

On if it's the same type of mistakes:

Well, it's a game of mistakes and we make way too many of them. We still turn over pucks in our own zone, we didn't execute on faceoff assignments and it cost us goals.

On if the team is getting good enough goaltending:

I don't think we're getting the team play at all from all of our positions consistently enough for us to win. We don't play hard enough on the forecheck, we don't play hard enough coming back, we don't play hard enough defensively, our goaltenders aren't playing hard enough. We're just not playing hard enough for long enough to have an opportunity to win.

On if there's time to turn it around:

Well we've still got lots of games but pretty soon you are what you are and we're getting awfully close to being what we are. We have a couple more opportunities to change that and we better keep working at it.

On if they did good things tonight:

Well I think we did some good things in the first period, we had the lead, then we came out in the second period and didn't play for about six minutes until it's 3-1, then it's 4-1 and now we can play, pressure's off. They relax a little bit, they're up by four and we get to play again. For the six minutes of the second period when the game was on the linewhen it was 1-0, we didn't play very hard, we didn't compete very hard, we didn't execute very hard and we didn't do enough to control the game and, as a result, we earned the loss.

On how to correct repetitive mistakes:

Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. When you practice well you play well and we need to get out on the ice and practice well again.

On if he's concerned about Anderson's play:

I'm worried about our whole team, not just him. There are 19 other guys out there or 18 other guys that are out there that are playing that are giving up lots of other things too. By the time it gets to him there's a lot of things going on so it's way too easy to stand there and say that it's one guy, that's it's the goalie's fault, because it's not. It's everybody's fault, everybody is to blame and we have to find a way together to fix it.

On if he pulled Anderson because of injury concerns:

No, I pulled him because it was four goals.

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