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Coach MacLean post-game - 1.16.2014

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Despite going down 3-0 in the first 15 minutes of the game, the Ottawa Senators fought back to take a 4-3 lead in the second period before ultimately falling by a 5-4 score in overtime. Sens head coach Paul MacLean offered his thoughts on the game after the OT loss.

Here's what he had to say...

On the game:

I thought it was a game that we got something out of that we maybe didn't have any business getting anything out of being down 3-0 halfway through the first period or 15 minutes into it. We were down 3-0, we came back and got a point out of it so, first of all, that's a good character thing for our team. Just to be a little on the negative side is we had a one goal lead in the third period and I thought we played the third period a little timid again and didn't establish our game and establish a forecheck. I thought we were a little cautious or timid in the third period, but saying all of that we found a way to get a point out of a game where we could have easily just threw the sticks in the back of the bag and said that's it for the night. I thought we did a good job showing a lot of character coming back and at times dominated the game in the second period and forced Carey Price to be an outstanding goalie, which he is and, at the end of the day, they win.

On if he thought they could come back down three:

I was just thinking we need a goal, that's all I was thinking, not comeback. We need a goal to just get ourselves going and that first goal I thought did that. The way we did it, we executed with the puck in the offensive zone, did some good work with it and kind of fed off of that. Jason and Erik made a great play off an icing play that's often a won faceoff. Execution and set pieces got us back within a goal and then it was we can get something out of this now.

On if the result is disappointing:

Well I think at the end of the day we're disappointed we had a one goal lead and didn't win the game. We can temper it a little bit with saying we were down 3-0 and we got something out of the game. We're not pleased we didn't win it but at the same time we have to tip our hat to their goaltender who kept the game close. I thought our goalie held his ground after giving up the three and gave us a chance as well. I thought it was a very entertaining game.

On Neil's late scratch:

Well we wanted him to play but he had some discomfort and we wanted to keep him out another game. He'll be ready for Saturday.

On the improvement from the 30 game mark:

I think since the first of December, game 42 was just after Christmas, so we were starting to become a better team from that game which would be, I think, game 30 to game 40 and now we're heading into game 50. I think we're finding what our team is. I think we're a hard working team that plays 200 feet, that plays 60 or 65 minutes and finds a way to get something out of the game. That identity we didn't have at the start of the year but slowly has evolved and now I think we are that group that does that.

On if they're the pesky Sens:

I didn't say that.

On Craig Anderson:

It's overtime, I thought the whole team came out and we weren't very good at the start. We gave up a shorthanded breakaway right at the start of the game, that's a tough spot to put him in. Would we like to see the save? Oh yeah, we'd like to see the save, but it's a breakaway from the blueline in. At the end of the day I thought he made some saves to give us a chance to get the game tied up and get the lead and the team wins and the team loses.

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