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Coach MacLean on day three

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

With a third day of training camp and now a second day of on-ice work in the books, Paul MacLean had updates on when the Sens would be unveiling their pre-season game roster, standouts in camp and more.

Here's what he had to say...

On the pre-season roster:

We're doing that as we speak. Right now we're trying to decide between 26 and 30 players that we would take there, because we want to make sure we leave enough players for them to make sure they have a good practice here. We're not going to take 57 players so we're going to take 26 to 30 and we're trying to define what that actual number is going to be so we can still have a good practice here and still have enough players to play the two games. Right now it might end up at 28, it might end up at 30.

On when the list can be expected:

They (the Communications Staff) efficiently look after all of that for me but we haven't made a final determination on the roster yet.

On what they're looking for:

Well I think with the three days we have to practice we're going to be looking for those types of things that, the structure of our game and the foundation of our game that we play is what we're trying to establish here. I think that's what we're going to be looking for in the game, but also the competitiveness of players and how players have come along through last season, rookie camp this year and training camp, players deserving of an opportunity to show they can play in the league. We're going to be very interested watching that so we're going to try to give the people that have earned that opportunity a chance to play.

On the junior departures:

Right now we're at the point where we haven't made a final determination of when we would do that, but I would think by the end of next week the junior kids would almost certainly be on their way back depending on how, of course, they play. But I wouldn't think anything sooner than that at this point.

On a captaincy announcement:

I anticipate making an announcement on that when it's done and the right time.

On anyone who has grabbed his attention:

It scares me to say but I think the pace of the practice and the pace of the scrimmage has been pretty good. It scares me to say that because maybe it's not. I think it's been a good pace, I think we've had a lot of guys that have come in and played well, it's been very competitive. We've been really pleased with the discussions we're having about who had a good day, who had a bad day, they're all good conversations and good discussions. We're really pleased with how difficult the players are making it for us with who's going to go play these first two games and who's going to be around. It's been what we wanted it to be and, not in particular, one player has been standing out. I guess Bobby Ryan was alright today, he was pretty good getting around the ice today, I was pleased with the way he went and played, but other than that I think it's been a consistent effort by everybody.

On injuries:

Lazar picked up a dinged up upper body thing so we're going to really make sure that we're careful with him and not jeopardize him. He's a young player, a first round pick so we're not going to jeopardize him by putting him in any situations that would be hard for him. He didn't skate today and he's probably doubtful for tomorrow as well, just for precautionary reasons. Culek is out, he skated today, but he can't do anything for another month as far as the physical part of it, but we believe everyone else is ready to go.

On how Spezza and Karlsson look:

Erik is skating good, Jason is skating good. They had the puck a lot today in the scrimmage and I thought they practiced well and skated well, they're looking good. I think they need to play games, they need to get into five of the eight games. I think they'll get more out of playing games than they will out of just practicing, but that number is my number that we could play five games, but we have to have some discussion with them about it and how other people are playing as well. I think games are more important to them but we've been pleased with how they've practiced to this point.

On the second line wing vacancy:

I think we have the elements with Kyle and Clarke of speed and skill and there's decent size on the line already. We're looking for the guy that earns the job and whether or not if it's Mark Stone who's a little bit bigger and not as fast or Mike Hoffman who's not as big but he's fast and maybe has a touch more skill, Conacher's maybe not as fast as Hoffman but maybe his puck skills are. There's a lot of guys competing for that opportunity. Shane Prince has played pretty well as well. We're not looking for one specific type of player, we're looking for the best player and the guy who has earned it.

On J-G Pageau:

If he plays well enough to play on the team we'll put him on the team and someone will have to move over. Who's that going to be? I'm not prepared to say or even speculate at this point in time but if he's one of the best players and is ready to play in the league on a regular basis every night then someone will have to move over. That's what hockey's about, some guys improve, they take people's spots. At this point in time I'm not sure he has done that.

Here's Coach MacLean's full availability courtesy of Sens TV:

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