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Coach MacLean ahead of pre-season game 6 against Montreal

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Senators head coach Paul MacLean offered his updates on the team ahead of tonight's game against the Montreal Canadiens. Here's what he had to say...

On the veterans who didn't take part in the morning skate:

They'll play tomorrow night. The way Lazar and Hoffman have played throughout training camp, we felt they deserved another opportunity to play and tonight's the night.

On if Lazar and Hoffman need to do anything differently to impress tonight:

They need to be consistent. We're looking for consistency and can they consistently have their game and raise their level of play to where it was. That's what we're trying to identify and give them that chance.

On the look of the top-6 forwards with Chiasson:

Well we feel that Alex has come in and been the type of player we were looking for. He's competitive, he's in the hard areas of the ice and looking to score around the net. He has been very competitive which has helped our group. He has fit in with our group very well. We feel our centre position with Legwand is solid. No one is saying that we're going to replace the 80 points that Jason Spezza had but we like our team. We like the way we play, we like the way we're working defensively and we're looking forward to the start of the season next week.

On if Methot is still skating:

No, he's in the process right now of being careful with it and making sure we get this thing looked after. It has been very frustrating, not only for him but for the medical staff and we need to take a deep breath and have some patience. We're going to be patient with him right now and he's not going to skate until we feel he's ready to go.

On if surgery is a possibility with his injury:

I don't believe it's a surgical thing, it's just muscle, it's not that. I think what we've lacked is patience. It's the start of the season, it's training camp, Marc wants to get going, we want him to get going and we can't just keep having him start and having it flare up so we need to have some patience right now and make sure we take care of this thing right now. If we keep going the way we're going it's only going to be a frustrating season for Marc and for the team. We need to get this taken care of right now and give it the time it needs to heal so he can get started.

On if there's added pressure on Chiasson after being in a high profile trade:

Well I was part of a trade for Scott Campbell, so what did that mean? For Alex he just has to be Alex, that's all we want him to be is Alex. That's all we've told him is to be Alex. I was the third guy in the trade too, by the way. It's not a reflection of either player, they're here now. All we want Alex to be is Alex.

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