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Coach MacLean ahead of facing Tampa Bay

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Senators head coach Paul MacLean passed along his thoughts and updates after Friday afternoon's practice in Tampa Bay. Here's what he had to say...

On playing Lehner:

Robin's going to start. We want to make sure we get both of our goaltenders off to a start here this season and Robin, as we've said all throughout training camp, has earned the right to play and he's going to play tomorrow.

On the Nashville loss:

I think the changes part of it is still under evaluation for tomorrow but as far as the source of the outcome of the game we felt our execution with the puck was an issue and our competition level, which is something we really tried to focus on in training camp, was high enough for us to get the win out of the game. The positive out of it was we were on the road 1-0 going into the third period, had the lead and that's a positive we can take out of the game and come in here tomorrow night, be more competitive and execute with the puck better.

On the lack of competition:

I didn't say we didn't show up, I just thought out competition level wasn't as high as theirs. I think we have to raise our competition to the level of our opponents. What we may think is good may not be good enough. If the level in the game goes higher we need to be prepared to go higher.

On the drop-off in play:

I don't think we elevated. When the game went to another level, we didn't go to that level consistently as a group. Now, individuals, maybe some did, but as a group our level didn't raise with the intensity level in the game.

On Tampa Bay:

We know that they've been a good team in the past, Stamkos is back and he's healthy, apparently the game played here last night was a very well-played game. I haven't gotten a chance to see much of it but we know they're a team that plays fast, they like to have the puck and we're going to have to be prepared to skate tomorrow.

On the importance of not overreacting to a game:

I think it's important, it's just one game. When you're trying to change habits and get under the gun and under the pressure a lot of times you go back to your old habits. Part of changing them is recognizing them and not overreacting or reacting to the game last night but I think today we tried to act on the game last night and what situations occurred, what poor habits we've had in the past and trying to correct them today.

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