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Clarke MacArthur post-practice - 10.24.2013

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Sens forward Clarke MacArthur picked up another assist on the season last night in the Sens 6-1 victory. While he is still searching for his first goal in Ottawa colours, he can take solace in the fact that he has been a crucial part of the success had by linemates Kyle Turris and Bobby Ryan with his play in all three zones, as well as helping turn around a Sens penalty kill that got off to a slow start.

Here's what Clarke had to say about the win, his game and more after Thursday's practice...

On his endboard collision in Detroit:

I lost my wind so it was more that and I had a little bit of whiplash, but I actually feel pretty good today. I thought it was going to be worse so just lost my wind and plowed into boards…It was a quick rush and I was just trying to get off shot far side. I think the D slid over — I didn't even see it to be honest with you, I was in the middle of shooting the puck and he slid over and I was kind of full speed and there was nothing I could do about it at that time. It just knocked the wind out of me and I just feel bad, I took Bobby's celly away.

On his fit into the system:

I feel like it's getting better every game, we're getting to the net and I think that's important. Bobby obviously has a great shot so he's kind of the guy you're looking for out there and with Turry moving the puck really well both ways, it's been good. Obviously I'm trying to get one here and get on the board and get going to help out, but as far as me not scoring these guys are picking up the slack and doing a good job.

On his special teams role in Ottawa vs. past years:

I like it, I've always played the power play, but I used to penalty kill all the time through the World Juniors and junior and I never really got a chance to do it and I've always enjoyed doing it. It's a thing you take pride in, I go with Turry and it's almost a competition against the other guys out there and I think that's the way you get better at it.

On his linemates play lightening the offensive burden:

Yeah, it does. If you're not scoring or creating offensive plays you have to be doing the other part of the game. You have to be helping your team out and giving yourself a chance to win. I feel like our defensive game has been pretty good. The least amount of time we can play in our end, that's the best chance you give yourself and that's our mindset.

On the Detroit game as a precursor to the team's potential:

Yeah, it was exciting. Just playing against this team I knew this was how this team can play the game and, you know, we're annoying backchecking, getting pucks out of our end, always having a guy high. That's the kind of hockey where we're going to give ourselves the best chance every night. I think Detroit was a little flat and it was one of those games where we got some early and we kind of took the wind out of the sails of them. It was nice to get a full 60 minute game in for us.

On the increased pace:

We've got a lot of speed in this room, we've got a lot of young guys here and I think it's just a matter of using your speed, doing what we do best. That's outskating teams, being in better shape and, you know, even if you don't get anything in the first or second periods, by the third period that's when I start feeling better — as it goes on — it feels like by the third you want to play another period and you'd like to scratch the first period to play two, three and four. That would be nice. We're a team where we've got to keep going hard and by the third period that when we really want to take over games.

On taking the positives from Wednesday into the Anaheim game:

You take a lot of positives out of that Detroit game, they're one of the top end teams in the league. With the Anaheim game, I mean, I feel like that whole west coast trip we were in the grey zone there and we weren't feeling confident and we're going to bring a different game for sure tomorrow. They've got a really good team, they've got big bodies, but we can skate them and tire them on out. That's what we have to do.

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