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Catching up with: The 2016 top prospects

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

We headed down to the harbour in Buffalo to talk with some of the top prospects prior to them hearing their names called at the 2016 NHL Draft.

Logan Brown on the weeks leading up to the Draft:

After the combine I kind of settled down a bit but the past few days here have been tough. I'm ready for it to happen. I was laying there a few days ago and started going through some of the mock drafts so it's tough. It's the greatest time of my life but it's also the worst. I'm ready for it to happen.

Brown on his ties to Ottawa and the Sens:

I've been going to Ottawa for every summer of my entire life so I'm really familiar with the city. We were actually training over at the CTC last summer so I'm really familiar the organisation and the arena.

Brown potentially being selected by the Sens:

It'd be awesome. My whole family live up there and I guess it's a second home for me so if they pick me that's great but again it's the NHL so any team that picks me is great.

Charles McAvoy on looking at draft projections:

I have a little bit. You see stuff here and there and I've got people sending me stuff but my mindset has never changed. It's not about those it's about what the teams are saying in their meetings. Those are the people who draft not the people who make the mock drafts.

Matthew Tkachuk on the role his dad has played in his development:

Over the past couple of years my dad has just let me be myself and figure things out on my own but he was always there in case I had any questions. When was younger he was the coach so he was pretty demanding but he just wanted to make sure I knew the game and to make sure I knew what was going on. I think a lot of my hockey IQ is credited to him and being at the rink a lot.

Tkachuk on his reputation as a winner:

I've been fortunate enough to be on a lot of great teams so I think that statement is true. A lot of people kind of made a big deal about the comments I made midway through the playoffs and we ended up winning so that was kind of all shut out after that. I didn't mean it like that to start with during playoffs, it's just my mentality. I don't take losing as an answer and I want to win. I want my teams to win. I want to be a part of winning teams because there's no better feeling than being part of a winning team and celebrating with the guys that you've worked with.

Alexander Nylander on the guidance from his dad and brother:

They have a lot of experience especially my dad since he's been in the NHL. He knows what it takes to get to the NHL so I get tips and stuff like that from him.

Nylander on being nervous on draft night:

A little bit but it probably helped a lot going through and being a part of when my brother was drafted. I wasn't really too nervous for him so I don't think it will be too bad...maybe just a little bit nervous.

Olli Juolevi on being drafted into the NHL:

It's pretty crazy and is a once in a lifetime week. It's great to be here and especially with probably going in the first round. You just want to enjoy it so after this final media thing it's just waiting.

Juolevi on potentially being the first defenseman selected:

I think we all hope to be the first guy picked but it's not the biggest thing there is. You just want to go to a team that really wants you and they see what you have as a player. You're going to be a big part in the future of that team so it's just great to be able to come and see all the things around the draft.

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