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Catching up with: Central Scouting's Dan Marr

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

We caught up with NHL Central Scouting's Dan Marr at the Draft Combine to talk all things prospects, picks and what type of player the Sens can look to land in the first round.

On what a strong showing at the combine can mean for a prospect:

The best thing that it does is that it confirms for the teams everything that they've seen and everything that they're anticipating when they finally get to spend some time with them one-on-one and get to know what he's all about. They've done all the on-ice evaluations and the player will have gone through the medical to be cleared to do the testing so they find out where he's at in his athletic development. Team's know who they are focusing on at this point and this just helps them to know what they're going to get if they draft the player and it kind of eliminates the surprise. Nobody likes to find out that a player has to go through surgery or something after they've drafted them.

On the strength of this draft compared to the past 5:

I think the first round is deep. You've always got a good top 4 or 5 players, then you always have your top 10 but I'm saying that you can go anywhere from like #7 down to #17 and they're all good. So it doesn't really matter what order you want to put them in the teams are going to take the next guy on their list. Everyone is going to be very, very pleased with their selections. They always say they are but what they're going to get are players that have the potential to be impact players for them down the road. You'd hope every first rounder would be that but this goes right through the first round this year. It's really deep with high end skilled players.

On what type of player the Sens can expect to select at #12 overall:

They're going to get a player that they have ranked much higher on their list. Guaranteed. They'll get a guy that they might have #7 or #8 on their list.

On if the North American prospects are deeper in first and second round talent than the Europeans:

I think that's normal. A lot of these things are cyclical but Finland's not a big country, Sweden's not that big a country when it comes to the amount of players that they have in the game. Canada has a much higher number of teams and players that play the game so there should be those players that get a little bit more exposure. The good players are good players and they come from everywhere and always have. We've never had the focus and the attention paid to them and every year there seems to be more and more focus on the draft.

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