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Bryan Murray updates on Alfie, MacLean and more...

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

There was a handful of Sens players and executives in attendance at today's press conference to announce the renaming of Scotiabank Place to the Canadian Tire Centre and Sens GM Bryan Murray was among them. He took some time after the formal proceedings to speak with the media about the latest Sens news.

Here's what he had to say...

On talks with Daniel Alfredsson:

We have talked, I've talked to Alfie in the past couple of days. I told him to take whatever time he needs and come back to me when you can -- as early as you can, that would help me -- but do whatever you have to do to satisfy your family to make sure you're ready to play. When he's ready to give me an answer we're ready to talk about doing something going forward.

On what Alfie brings:

Obviously he fills a vital role on this hockey team. Number one, he's a top six forward, he's a point-getter, he's much more than that, however. He's a leader, he's 'the glue guy' in the room, he has a respect level among our young guys -- and we have many of them -- that really allows us to play players that we didn't know if they were ready to play but they come in and play and contribute because Alfie shows them how to work, shows them how to practice and, through his conversations with them, allows them to be confident enough to go out on the ice and play.

On his contract:

I haven't talked to his agent at all, I've talked directly to Alfie only.

On trade talks:

I've called three teams so far -- actually, four -- I'll call a number more and see if anyone wants to move. There are certain reasons to move fairly high and if we don't do that maybe we're okay where we are. I have talked and nobody has really gotten back to me and I don't suspect anyone will be willing to move down but, you never know, we might have an asset that would address a need.

On slow negotiations between teams at this point:

We have a GM meeting tomorrow in Boston and I think the opportunity to talk to a variety of managers of different teams will crop up and then we'll see if anyone is really interested in engaging and trying to do something for their team.

On if they're looking to add a player internally or move up in the draft:

Where we're at right now I don't think we'll get the top six guy. Maybe that's a possibility if we're patient enough and we wait three or four years, but I think if you move up then you have a chance of getting a better player but you obviously have to pay a price for that too.

On working with teams that have cap issues:

I think there are a couple of teams that may have to, I've talked to one or two already but nobody is in a hurry. That doesn't come in to play for some time. We'll continue to talk and hopefully see there might be somebody there. If not, we've got a pretty good group of young players. I'd like to add one more player but we'll see what happens.

On if he's open to trading picks:

As you get closer to the draft the picks become more valuable, but nobody has asked me for picks and I haven't been asked to give a player away for picks or anything like that.

On if Alfie is working out:

He has started to work out. He has been around the building, I know. I think he's worked out with his kids, I think that's been a good workout for him, doing things with them. He told me Louis just finished playing a week ago so he's been active around the arena. I think it's just like it was last summer for Alfie, I think he just needs to figure out if he's ready to do everything mentally and physically to get ready and play an 82 game schedule and hopefully much more beyond that.

On if he would re-purpose the money if Alfie doesn't return:

Well that's what you would have to try to do. In a budget you have to have certain dollars put aside for certain players and hope that works and if you don't get that player then you hope that you find someone. We're not going to get that type of player, we know that. The intangibles he brings alone are way above anything I suspect I could get.

On if the rink rename impacts the budget:

I haven't talked to Eugene (Melnyk) about that yet so maybe we'll have that conversation at some point.

On negotiations with Paul MacLean:

We've only had one conversation really about it. I thought he was due that and we had a brief conversation -- actually it was over dinner, it wasn't like it was a formal meet or anything like that. At some point, maybe at the draft, we'll sit down again and we'll have a few days in New York and see if we can get something done.

On if there's a rush to extend him:

Well, he has a contract for next year and I don't think he's going to become a lobster fisherman or anything like that in the meantime so I think it's going to be okay.

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