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Bobby Ryan on his health and pre-season debut

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Bobby Ryan will suit up for the Sens tonight after being held out of action in Newfoundland for precautionary reasons. Here's his update on his health...

On how he feels:

Good, I've been a couple days with no issues or anything like that. I think we knew when we skated on Monday morning that today would be a non-issue as long as nothing crept up and nothing did, so it's good.

On getting back at it against Toronto:

You look at their lineup and they're doing what we're doing which is leave a lot of guys at home. It doesn't matter, if they're coming in with that crest there's something on the line and you get that feeling and sense. To get your feet wet in a game that ultimately means nothing, but at the same time for the fans to get the rivalry started right away is a nice feeling.

On joking about the injury incident with Turris:

No, not really since we were both out of position cheating a little bit. I couldn't really get on him about it. Had I caught him a week later I would have got him at 10 less pounds. I caught him at the heaviest of his season so that's the only joking we did about it. Hopefully we can stay out of each other's way.

On the relief of no symptoms:

It was great, obviously missing the last 15 or whatever it was to an injury and spending most of your summer trying to get back to feeling good again, and then to get a freak accident right out of the gate, with everything going around all you want to do is get back to feeling normal and playing again. I don't think it set me back too much but it feels good to know it's out of your mind and the concussion worry is gone.

On being antsy getting back into a game situation:

Especially when you get out there and you play for three days and you miss that game, any time you sit around waiting and watching two hockey games it's a long day. I've been chomping at it a little especially after, like I said, missing time last year. It's been an even longer summer than it felt with us missing the playoffs. I'm very eager for tonight.

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