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Animated GIFts: All the shorties

by Craig Medaglia / Ottawa Senators

The Sens currently lead the NHL in shorthanded goals this season and we decided to GIF all 12 of them just for you...

1. October 11th, 2015 vs the Montreal Canadiens

The Sens first shorty of the season was super fitting. Home opener against the Montreal Canadiens? Yeah...JGP is gonna score. So why not do it a man down just for fun. Pageau calls his own number on the shorthanded 2-on-1 and squeaks a shot through Mike Condon for the first of many goals on the penalty kill this year.

2. October 22nd, 2015 vs the New Jersey Devils

The Sens second shorty of the year was a pretty one as Mika Zibanejad turns on the jets on the penalty kill to track down a loose puck. He then emphatically beats Cory Schneider with a backhander...celebratory "jump into the glass" follows.

3. November 3rd, 2015 vs the Montreal Canadiens

Hey...look who's scored another shorthanded goal against the Montreal Canadiens? Pageau continues to build on the "Hab killer" myth with this shorthanded breakaway on Mike Condon. He throws the worlds tiniest fake and Condon bites hard, opting to try and stack the pads for some reason. JGP wastes no time and slams it where Condon's 5-hole should have been. A faint "Pageau" chant still echoes in the rafters of the Bell Centre because of this shorty.

4. November 10th, 2015 vs the Nashville Predators

This shorty is all Zack Smith. A quick stick breaks up a pass at the Sens' blueline and pops the puck in the air back into the neutral zone. Smith then bashes the "A button" and wins the subsequent race to the loose puck and has the presence of mind to readjust his shooting position when he feels the back pressure coming from both sides, easily picking the far corner.

5. November 24th, 2015 vs the Dallas Stars

Yeah...Pageau is on this list a lot. Here he is shorthanded against the Stars winning a race for the puck and creating an offensive chance on the penalty kill. Watch the GIF above again and see how he checks over his left shoulder to see where the backcheck is coming from. Realizing he's only dealing with the one defender he just blew by, he uses his skate to guard against the desperation stick check that he knows is coming and snaps a shot 5-hole that finds its way in.

6. November 25th, 2015 vs the Colorado Avalanche

We come to the first of our shorthanded empty net goals (5 times to be exact). I honestly thought there were more but it was surprising to find that only 3 of the 12 were into an open cage. This one is text book as Turris cleanly wins a face-off to Zibanejad who snaps a shot 190 feet dead centre to seal things against the Avalanche.

7. December 8th, 2015 vs the Florida Panthers

Empty net shorty #2 is a real beauty. Mark Stone forces his 1,000,000th takeaway of the season (that's a ballpark estimate btw) and springs Pageau through centre ice. With nothing but real estate in front of him Pageau sends his 4th shorty of the season into the vacant goal and the Florida crowd home disappointed.

8. December 20th, 2015 vs the Tampa Bay Lightning

Here's a bit of an interesting stat, while Curtis Lazar may not have a shorthanded tally yet, he does have 3 shorthanded points this season. On Smith's goal against the Lightning, Lazar makes a nice move at the blueline to create some space before threading a pass over to Smith who busts out the backhand in a big way against former teammate Ben Bishop to notch the Sens 8th shorty of the season before the New Year.

9. January 18th, 2016 vs the San Jose Sharks

This one is so great but since it happened after midnight during the Sens' annual trip to San Jose a lot of people may have missed it. After being hauled down on a shorthanded breakaway, Smith was awarded a penalty shot and boy did he deliver the goods. He does a hard speed check as he comes in on Alex Stalock and that opened up the top corner which he promptly finds. The refs reviewed it to make sure Smith didn't come to a complete stop but (SPOILER ALERT) it counted.

10. January 24th, 2016 vs the New York Rangers

The last of the empty net shorties comes from Pageau against the Rangers. Borrowing from the Book of Mark Stone, Pageau anticipates a lazy pass and jumps it. Before anyone can get within 10 feet of him he sends it the length of the ice and into the yawning cage to clinch the win.

11. February 25th, 2016 vs the Vancouver Canucks

Mark Stone can do a lot of things and that includes scoring shorthanded goals. Against the Canucks he shows incredible patience with the puck, so much so that it doesn't even look like the Sens are killing a penalty. He then snaps a shot far-side before celebrating with the happiest Sens fans in Vancouver behind the net.

12. March 8th, 2016 vs the Carolina Hurricanes

Zack Smith has scored a lot of goals this season just by sending the puck on net. Sometimes he picks corners, sometimes they just squeak through like it did here against the Hurricanes. Smith completely walks a Carolina defender outside and fires a shot 5-hole before the other defenseman can track across the zone to take away his space.

And there it is...all 12 shorthanded goals in gif goodness.

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