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Alfie on Twitter?(!)

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

In the immortal words of Bob Cole, "EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING!"

Not only have we seen Erik Karlsson activate a Twitter account and return from an Achilles injury, the team could potentially clinch playoff spot tonight and we still have the home finale to look forward to this Saturday night, but we could still hit the motherload of Ottawa internet phenomena yet.

Daniel Alfredsson will be joining Twitter. You may now remove your jaw from the ground.

The rumblings began this morning when Marc Methot sent out this cryptic tweet:

Surely he must be joking, right? Well, no, apparently not. This, courtesy of Ian Mendes...

In more simple Twitter terms: E5 CONFIRMED. ALFIE WILL BE ON TWITTER.

While the news comes as a shock to us all, we may now begin wildly speculating on what his handle will be. Most of the usernames that would make sense are currently taken: "Alfredsson"; "Alfredsson11"; "Alfie"; "Alfie11"; etc., are all occupied currently. Though, if we're being realistic, I'm sure the Twitter bigwigs would be happy to bump a potential impostor for a man Siri once told you was "God."

This will surely elicit plenty of "old guy" jokes, but this will be a pretty cool development given the general lack of 'veteran' NHLers on Twitter, let alone future Hall of Famers. It's not as though Alfie will be tweeting running narratives about resurrecting goldfish either. That has been done.

Until we know for sure, we will all have to patiently wait and see. Then prepare to feel mighty unpopular as we watch his follower count grow.

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