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A Silver Seven wedding tribute

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

When it comes to expressing your fandom or appreciation of something, there are few ways more effective or compelling to convey your love than turning your wedding into a living tribute of said thing.

A quick, well-worded YouTube search shows us that hockey-themed weddings are not necessarily a rare occurrence, though the best of the best are easy to distinguish. It’s one thing to wear a bunch of jerseys to a hockey wedding, but a true homage requires added depth.

Over the weekend we received the above wedding photo from a group of Sens fans that opted to use their special day as a tribute to the 1905 Stanley Cup Champion Senators — the Silver Seven.

With the lovely bride taking the place of the Stanley Cup in this photo, these newlyweds have done their best to redefine the term “trophy wife.” Rimshot.

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