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A Sens TV EXCLUSIVE with... Marc Methot

by Chris Lund / Ottawa Senators

Marc Methot has returned to Ottawa after being the lone Sens representative at Team Canada's orientation camp to resume his training camp prep with teammates. Sens TV caught up with the defenceman for an EXCLUSIVE one-on-one interview to talk about the summer at-large and his experience with the national program.

Take a look...

On Team Canada camp:

It was awesome. There was a bit of sitting around, a lot of meetings and whatnot, but as a lot of people saw we were also playing ball hockey a little bit and working on some systems. We had a couple of workouts as well. It was cool, I think the biggest part was meeting all of the guys and creating a little bit of chemistry.

On the big name talent:

There are a lot of all-stars, I think I'm probably one of the only guys probably who didn't play in an all-star game that was invited there. Like I said, you'd be surprised how down to earth and how easy going everybody is there. You learn a lot when you're around a lot of great players like that.

On the ball hockey:

There was a little bit of anxiety with me in regards to that, I haven't played ball hockey in years. I'm not a big ball hockey guy, I don't like getting hit in the shins and not wearing pads but it went surprisingly well. I think when you're playing around good guys like that it doesn't matter how bad the passes are.

On his summer training:

I think the biggest thing was just getting healthy for this season. We're all battling all kinds of stuff since the playoffs. Just coming into camp healthy and able to move well out there is going to be key.

On the upcoming season:

We're all excited, I think we're also getting sick of training. The summers can get kind of long, having to come into the gym every day and run all those drills so I think that's something we're looking forward to. Just getting all the guys back together and having that camaraderie again.

Hear all about his camp experience and summer in this Sens TV one-on-one here.

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