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At the Canadian Tire Centre we use the Cisco Stadium Vision system. The system consists of 702 DMPs (Digital Media Players) utilizing 765 screens spread across 3 Venues, Bell Sensplex, Richcraft Sensplex and Canadian Tire Centre. Creative consists of full screen ads, Lwraps, game feed and dynamic menu boards in our concessions.

We use multicast channel feeds coming into our head end and programmed into the Cisco Vision which supplies our suites and any other DMP with TV/music channels.

Enjoy the scoreboard feed with an Lwrap for sponsor integration in game. The client is able to change the channel if they like, without losing the sposnsorship Lwrap.

In our club suites the client controls the TV using the SuiteSVD app on an iPad mounted on the wall. From the iPad they can control channel and volume. 

Looking forward we may change our menus to a static design using a more graphical layout as opposed to a heavily text base look we currently used. We'll lose the ability to dynamically change menus but are considering the appeal to the fan may be greater.

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