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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Dominic Moore (Photo: Getty Images)
(Editor's Note: AT&T, the official and exclusive wireless provider of the Buffalo Sabres, is giving fans the most exclusive access to the Sabres players and staff. AT&T Your Questions Delivered is an interactive program designed to allows wireless subscribers first-hand exposure to their team.

Every two weeks, registered customers get to text their questions to a specific player. Answers to select questions are then posted on Click here for more information and to register.)

The latest interview was with Buffalo Sabres forward Dominic Moore:

Have you found anything you particularly like about the city of Buffalo?

"I’ve only been here a couple of days, but I like the Galleria Mall. I used to come there as a kid when we played hockey tournaments over here, but it’s gotten a lot better I think."

Who on the Sabres team has helped you transition from Toronto to Buffalo the most so far?

"Ryan Miller was helping me with directions and getting around town. He didn’t really know the streets too well, but he was telling me to go right then left then right… it helps!"

What's your favorite band?

"I would have to say Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band."

Who is your best friend in the NHL?

"Noah Welch from the Tampa Bay Lightning."

Was there anything in particular you found impressive about the club from day one?

"They have a good coaching staff here. They know the game and are honest and stress the game the way, I think, it should be played. They want to be responsible defensively, but aggressive on the forecheck. I like that."

How helpful is it having familiarity with this division after coming to Buffalo from Toronto?

"It is helpful. You know the team more, you are familiar with their tendancies. you’ve seen a lot of the same teams as well so in that respect it’s good."

What do u think about the Terrell Owens signing with the Buffalo Bills?

"It’s great news. The Bills needed to add something and they found a player that brings a lot to the field. I’m not a huge football guy but I’m looking forward to seeing him play."
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