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by Michael Jafari / Buffalo Sabres
Recycling scrap metal can not only save the environment, but it can also make you money.

Twin Village Recycling (TVR) is a full service scrap metal recycling company that has been operating in Depew, NY for 65 years. 

TVR was founded by Mike and Rose Marcezin during the World War II era.  They started the business because the need for re-using metals was a necessity for making military supplies.

“My father started the business in the early ‘40’s because the war was going on and everyone was recycling everything from metals, to tires, to rags and everything else.  That’s how we started our business,” recalled TVR President Nicholas Marcezin. 

Marcezin took over the family business in 1976, and although times have changed, he still maintains a similar operation by re-using metals in an effective way.

“We recycle appliances, sheet iron, Christmas lights, aluminum, copper, brass, siding, and anything that is iron or metal that the homeowner has that’s recyclable metal,”  said Marcezin. “We change the shapes of a lot of metals. We bail appliances, we grind the copper insulated wire, and we bail aluminum.  We ship directly to steel mills, and they re-melt the stuff we send them.”

Recycling metal can improve the environment because it saves energy.  According to research conducted by’s Larry West, recycling scrap metal reduces greenhouse gas emissions and uses less energy than making metal from virgin ore.  In addition, it also conserves natural resources. Recycling one ton of steel conserves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, as well as 1,400 pounds of coal and 120 pounds of limestone. Recycling a ton of aluminum conserves up to eight tons of bauxite ore and 14 megawatt hours of electricity.

“By recycling metals, you’re not only recycling the natural resources that go into a landfill, but you’re recycling the energy savings and preventing pollution caused by manufacturing iron, which is tremendous,” said Marcezin.  “When anything is re-melted or recycled, like steel, the savings in energy are around 75% as opposed to raw materials like iron or anything like that.”

TVR collects unwanted metals from a variety of businesses, as well as residential areas.  In return, they pay people who turn in their un-usable metals, depending on the type or amount one turns in.

“Anybody that has anything they can turn into recyclables can benefit from it, because they get paid for it,” said Marcezin.  “Anybody that has anything with metal can come in.  We weigh it out, and pay them the going rate.  That’s how it works.”
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