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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
The Buffalo Sabres Blue & Gold Make Green initiative has worked to improve sustainability and recycling within the organization over the last year. Now, the Sabres are asking the fans to reduce their environmental footprint.

Throughout the year, will feature a local cause dedicated to making Western New York a “greener” place, and showing fans in the area how to incorporate conservation in their daily lives.

Take a look at this week’s profile on Buffalo CarShare.

Highway (Google Images)
What is the easiest way to reduce pollution? Reduce the number of fuel-emitting vehicles on the road. The question for Buffalonians then becomes how to travel from place to place more efficiently, and Buffalo CarShare is just one of many answers.
Funded by a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), as well as one from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), Buffalo CarShare is a local organization that provides the non-car owning population of the city of Buffalo with an alternative to public transportation, particularly for those who’s travel plans may take them somewhere off the beaten path of a bus or subway.

Creighton Randall, the Interim Executive Director of Buffalo CarShare, describes the mission of the organization as a means to “provide an affordable alternative to owning a car. Whether it be for a two-car family that has decided to give one up, or for folks from the city that do not own cars and are in sudden need of a vehicle.”

Although about 20 percent of its members are college students, Mr. Randall claims that the majority of members are in fact regular city people, particularly those that live in the downtown Elmwood and lower west side neighborhoods.

To get involved, residents must become a member, which can be done by filling out an application online at The cost of membership ranges from $5 to $20 a month, depending on usage (There is also an application fee of $20). Once you’ve successfully become a member, you can reserve a car at the location nearest to you for the specific date and time that you’ll need it for. The cost of the reservation will also depend on use, but will range from $5 to $8 per hour. This includes the cost of fuel, and contributes to the overall affordable nature of this program.
Although Randall describes the mission of the organization as a means of car affordability, Buffalo CarShare also strives to make our city a greener, and therefore cleaner place to live.

In it’s first year alone, Buffalo CarShare predicts to save nearly one million pounds of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

“A large part of what makes this program so great”, says Randall, “is its eco-friendly nature. Essentially, we’re helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the city of Buffalo, while providing a means of convenient transportation to those in need.”   

For those of the community that wish to get involved, there are countless volunteer opportunities connected to the organization. From posting flyers and other posters around the city, to helping out in the office, volunteers are always needed and welcomed. Like most non-profit organizations, Buffalo CarShare also welcomes donations. Visit, or call 716-898-0850 to make a donation.

For more tips on staying healthy and going green at home, or to become a Green Team Member, click here.

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