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by Jackie Lewandowski / Buffalo Sabres
The Buffalo Sabres Blue & Gold Make Green initiative has worked to improve sustainability and recycling within the organization over the last year. Now, the Sabres are asking the fans to reduce their environmental footprint.

Throughout the year, will feature a local cause dedicated to making Western New York a “greener” place, and showing fans in the area how to incorporate conservation in their daily lives.

Take a look at this week’s profile on Buffalo Blue Bike.

Buffalo Blue Bicycle (Green Options Buffalo)
It’s never too late to ride a bicycle.

As spring approaches, Green Options Buffalo is encouraging city-goers to take to the road on their bikes and work to promote a healthy and environmentally friendly city.

Buffalo Blue Bicycle is just one of the many programs operating under Green Options Buffalo that is seeking to make Buffalo a better place.

“Buffalo is well-suited for bicycling despite the snow,” Executive Director Justin Booth said. “We have a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on that.” 

Trials of the program originated internationally several years ago in various cities across Europe and Canada with great success.  More recently, Washington D.C. became the first American city to adopt the program and now Buffalo is following suit.

“The whole premise is to get more people physically active in their daily routines,” Booth said.  “However people can also bike to save money in a rough economy and to reduce their carbon footprint.”

According to national data 25 percent of all trips are one mile or less in distance and the majority of those trips are made by car.  By using alternative forms of transportation such as bicycles, one can reduce their own carbon footprint significantly over the course of their lifetime.

With 17 bicycle hubs located across the city, Buffalo Blue Bicycle is attracting nearly 100 users each year.  The heaviest traffic has been seen on college campuses such as the University at Buffalo and Buffalo State, where a growing demand to be healthy and green has prompted the program to expand its outreach. 

“Right now our biggest challenge is demand and filling that demand,” Booth said.  “We are looking to expand to more locations in the city in the future and reach out to more colleges and others who wish to experience the city in a new way.”

Registration for Buffalo Blue Bicycle is exclusively on the web where members can check-in and check-out bicycles for up to two days at a time. Membership is limited to adults 18 and older and includes a fee of $25.00 for each year of use.

Residents can also attend workshops throughout the year which work to teach maintenance and repair techniques.  Located in the Old Precinct 17 building (on the corner of Colvin and Linden near Nichols School), the Buffalo Blue Bicycle workshop partners with Erie County every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday year-round to educate the public.

Buffalo Blue Bicycle is also reaching out to schools within the city to help children understand the importance of healthy routines and the confidence associated with building and repairing their own bicycles.  

“We really try to apply the whole idea of getting people the knowledge of the basics to get them going,” Booth said.  “Our workshops are meant to be cooperative for novices and experts alike.”

Bicycles used within the program have all been donated, and donations are accepted during workshops or by appointment.  Information regarding upcoming workshops and memberships are available on the program’s website at

For healthy and easy tips for going green at home, or to become a Green Team member, click here.

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