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by Kevin Snow / Buffalo Sabres

11:15am: Welcome to the blog folks. I just finished an hour on the Sabres Hockey Hotline radio show with Kevin Sylvester and Andrew Peters. Any chance I can get that time back? We spent far too much time talking about captains, and not enough about trades. Not to mention I’m still tired from last night’s 12:30am arrival from Pittsburgh. Now to sit and watch TSN and follow Twitter in hopes of some actual movement.

11:28am: First big move of the day! I’ve gone from my desk to the conference table about five feet away. Unfortunately that also means sitting near Detroit Tigers superfan Matt Gould and Social Sam Hicks. I also found some cashews and peanuts in my backpack leftover from recent flights. Told you I was bringing snacks today.

11:50am: I’m not surprised that there have yet to be any trades today. With all the movement over the last few days, I’m anticipating a flurry of action between 1-3pm as GM’s start to use the deadline to their advantage. Wouldn’t shock me if we’re still hearing about deals as late as 4pm today because of the backlog of trade calls to the league office.

12 Noon: Thankfully the NHL Network cut away from TSN’s coverage to show the commercial for the Sticky Buddy. But I wont be satisfied until I see the Wax Vac ad. So, no Slap Chop?

12:20pm: I’m very hungry, which means as soon as I walk away from the table a trade will be made. My best bet would be to have Darcy go with me. I wonder what he’d eat for lunch on deadline day? I could really go for some wings – hot and extra crispy.

12:21pm: The Bruins have traded Maxime Sauve to Chicago for Rob Flick! Holy crap!

12:36pm: The Montel Williams money commercial on NHL Network just prompted a conversation about Montell Jordan. In case you care, “This is How We Do It” was released in 1995. I was 26. Social Sam was considerably younger than that.

12:51pm: Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos is reporting that the Devils are dangling a first rounder in hopes of landing a scoring winger. Could this be the fit for Jason Pominville? On Sabres Hockey Hotline this morning, Andrew Peters said that Pominville is just the kind of player that Lou Lamoriello would love to have on his team.

1:20pm: Jason Pominville has moved to the top of TSN’s “Trade Bait” list, with Minnesota suddenly popping up as a team showing considerable interest in Buffalo’s captain. As we get closer to 3pm, Pominville’s stock will continue to rise.

1:34pm: BREAKING NEWS – Ryan Clowe still hasn’t scored a goal this season.

1:50pm: The best news I’ve heard all day? That it’s supposed to 50 and sunny in Buffalo for the Bisons season opener at Coca Cola Field. It’s baseball season!

2pm: Less than an hour left until the deadline, and my buddy Eklund is now reporting “news of a possible Clarke MacArthur deal.” Is that what this day has come to? (E4)

2:07pm: Tampa acquires 6-foot-7 goaltender Ben Bishop from Ottawa, and he’ll form a tandem with 6-foot-6 Lightning netminder Anders Lindback. In related news, Bishop and Lindback will now join forces to face Kane and Undertaker at Wrestlemania this Sunday.

2:27pm: To quote Eklund, “the dominoes are falling.” With Bishop dealt to Tampa, Columbus now ships Steve Mason to Philadelphia. So basically they swapped Mason for Bobrovsky.

2:34pm: Gaborik to Columbus … and something brewing in Minnesota.

2:37pm: RDS reporting Pominville to Minnesota.

2:41pm: Remember what I said about things heating up late?...

2:53pm: Multiple outlets now reporting Pominville to Minnesota. Waiting for official confirmation/details.

3pm: Deadline! Now we wait on the last minute deals to start leaking out.

3:13pm: Thanks for coming along for the ride everyone. Stay tuned to for more details!

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