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by Kevin Sylvester / Buffalo Sabres
-There is a ton of negative out there right now, and it’s easy to understand why.  Four straight losses, a winless home record, and sitting last in the NHL would even have Tony Robbins leaning towards the dark side of the magnet.  So, in an effort to provide light at the end of the tunnel, I give you the speech the late Dr. Frank Krohn delivered on the final day of Marketing Management class, May 1995 (retold to the best of my recollection).

“There was a king whose kingdom was on the verge of despair.  He recognized that from the lords down to the serfs, hope was fading.  The king had led these subjects through tough times before, but sensed he would need a different message this time around that would apply to all under his rule.  So the king summoned the wisest scholars in the land to his court, and gave the men these instructions.  ‘ You must go on retreat for one year, and upon your return, provide me words of wisdom, and they must apply to the old and young, the sick and healthy, and the rich and the poor.  If you fail me, you will be executed upon your return.’  The scholars did as they were commanded and left for retreat.  One year later, the scholars returned to the castle as instructed.  The king asked. ‘Do you have words of wisdom I can deliver to the old and the young, the sick and the healthy, and the rich and the poor?’  The lead scholar answered, ‘Yes your majesty.  The words of wisdom we have found for the young and the old, the sick and healthy, and the rich and poor are THIS TOO SHALL PASS’.  The king nodded and dismissed the scholars. 

You’ll each face most, if not all of these categories in your career and life.  You may be frustrated by lack of opportunity, respect, and money in your youth.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  You may be knocked down by disease, illness, or take your health for granted.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Wealth or lack thereof can become overwhelming.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  You may be limited by older age, slowed down.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  Remember through the good and bad of life when you leave this college, IT TOO SHALL PASS.  Now go have fun.”

I hope you read that with the same passion Dr. Krohn delivered it with.  The simple meaning is things change in time.  I’ve heard Lindy Ruff say many times when the team has won in the past, “Don’t get too high with the highs or too low with the lows”.  I’ve seen that with this team over the last week, especially during practice.  They’re still working and seemingly not too low.  That’s why this losing streak (4 games, 6 on home ice) WILL TOO PASS.
Just don’t ask me when, that wasn’t part of the speech.

-Congratulations to Mike Grier on playing 1000 games in the NHL.  When you consider all the factors against the possibility (injuries, management decisions, fitness requirements, mental fatigue, and family considerations), it’s truly an amazing accomplishment.

-Lindy Ruff enters the Greater Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame tonight.  He’ll likely deliver a classy acceptance speech with a sprinkle of humor, despite his team being off to a horrible start and half the town thinking he’s the reason.  For you doubters, he can still coach. 

-Here’s hoping that Ryan Miller’s lower body injury that has him day-to-day, SHALL PASS in hurry!
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