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by Kevin Sylvester / Buffalo Sabres
Photo: Bill Wippert

This past holiday weekend was filled with picnics and parties to celebrate our country’s independence. 

It was also a big weekend to grill. 

Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, sausage, ribs, and me on the Sabres offseason.  Most of my conversations start like this, “So, are the Sabres going to get any players?  Are they going spend any money?”

I don’t mind, it’s part of my job and it reflects the passion you all have for the Sabres and hockey.  

It’s actually great.  I had a member of the Buffalo media comment to me a few weeks back about how nobody cares about the Sabres anymore and team is dead right now. 


This guy should have been at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery for the Draft Party when the crowd cheered loudly when Zack Kassian was selected with the 13th pick. I still see more Sabres gear being worn around town more than any other team.  And the recent signing of Steve Montador was one of the top stories in most media outlets.  

What am I getting to?  Keep it up Sabres fans, good or bad.  Keep the passion, it’s what makes this town unique. 

You should want Darcy Regier to explore every possible move to the improve the team; I do.  It’s ok to want the team to be in on the action of free agency; I do.  It’s ok to care and care hard; I do. 

Just remember to flip me from time to time.
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