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by Erin Pollina / Buffalo Sabres
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As the students at Amherst Middle School found out, a little bit of effort can go a long way when it comes to energy conservation.

The school’s sixth-grade class studied the importance of efficiency and renewable resources in conjunction with National Fuel’s Energy Detectives Program. For their hard work the 200 students received a special visit from National Fuel, the Buffalo Sabres and Sabretooth.

“We’ve been studying energy for the last several months, as a core part of our curriculum,” said Bonnie Majda, a sixth-grade science teacher at Amherst Middle School. “But they really learn so much more from these opportunities and having this kind of assembly… It just added to the excitement of it and I know that they are going to go home and talk this and really put what they are learning to use.”

National Fuel’s Assistant GM of Corporate Communication Julie Coppola Cox talked about saving resources and fielded questions from the students. Sabretooth helped with a green trivia game and handed out prizes – including two autographed hockey sticks signed by Green Team spokesperson Paul Gaustad.

The students also shared their knowledge with the class, presenting posters demonstrating easy ways to go green at home – such as collecting water with a bucket while waiting for the shower to heat up, to use on household plants.

“We think kids are the best messengers for bringing these kind of pieces of information home and we know that what they learn here, they are going to bring home to there parents and family,” Coppola Cox said. “They are going to grow up with these good habits, so that when they get older… these will be second nature to them.

To help them get started each student received a National Fuel energy kit – complete with foam insulation, window kits and aerators for faucets – as well as Green Team stickers from the Sabres.

“There is no sense in teaching something if it just ends in the classroom,” Majda said. “We need this to go home and become part of their daily living and the community and a piece of the world around them…it brings learning to life and that’s what makes everything meaningful to the children here.”

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