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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres

Ever since I started taking these in-season breaks, people always ask me what I do when I’m off. When I was away last month, I was in Florida at Belleair Beach on the Gulf side. I spent the better part of two weeks there, doing the dog track and race track thing. I’m going to have the opportunity to head back down to Florida in another 10 days or so, but I’ll be joined by my grandkids this time. And with the grandkids there, you know the vacation won’t be on the Gulf side. This time I’ll be a little closer to Disney World and Universal Studios.

I obviously keep in touch with the team even though I’m not around them all the time. I’m still a part of the Sabres, doing 75 percent of the games. It’s not as if I’ve gone away and disappeared – I’ve just cut back a bit. But I carry a tablet with me at all times and I have NHL GameCenter, so I’m always keeping track of the team while I’m away. I don’t go out at night too much, which means I usually have the chance to watch at least some of the games when I’m relaxing. I was able to watch a couple of the games in January when I had the opportunity. Unfortunately, it was at that time when the Sabres weren’t going to well on that long road trip.

These breaks have worked out exactly as I’d hoped they would. The Pegulas and Ted Black were so generous to me, giving me this opportunity to maintain my career and still keep in touch with the team and what’s going on. When I originally came up with the idea to have some off time during the season, I envisioned that I’d be spending some time down south, and that’s exactly what has happened. Hopefully as a result of this it’s going to elongate my career and I’ll be able to hang around for a little bit longer – if they’ll let me back.

I feel very refreshed right now, and I’m absolutely pumped up and ready to go for the rest of the season. There’s no doubt about that whatsoever. I feel a lot more rested than I ever have at this time of the year. In fact when I came back from Florida in January and looked at the schedule, I thought to myself, ‘Why did I cut out those other games? I could’ve done a few more!’ But my wife also mentioned that I haven’t had to walk through six feet of snow yet this winter, so that’s probably got something to do with it as well.

As far as the team itself goes, I’ve never seen a rash of injuries like this in my life. And just when they finally get healthy again – their coach goes down with three broken ribs! I know first-hand how tough that injury can be to deal with. I had a broken rib several years ago and I worked through it while I was broadcasting games. It was just one broken rib, and it was in the front, not the back. I spent the nights that I worked holding on to my rib – and I was well drugged up when I was doing it and it still hurt like hell. I can only imagine what kind of pain Lindy has been going through since the accident.
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