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by Sam Reinhart / Buffalo Sabres

Rookie Sam Reinhart shares with what the week leading up to his first Trade Deadline in the NHL has been like while the team was on its West Coast road trip.

LOS ANGELES – It takes a couple of days to get used to the time difference on a Western road trip. It's a little bit tougher coming back this way. Sometimes it seems quite a bit later than it actually is. But once you're on the ice during a game, it doesn’t really affect you.

A long road trip like this is good for team bonding. On days off like the one we had in San Jose, everyone makes sure to spend the day together so it definitely helps and keeps everyone close. It's a little tougher this week with what's going on right now, having Webby [Mike Weber] leave, and nobody really knows what's next.

My NHL Trade Deadline has been a tough experience. I think it's a little bit different being on the road and going through it because everyone's together every day. The team being so close it makes it that much tougher. You're just kind of hoping that guys don’t go, but at the same time it's a part of the business and everyone kind of accepts that.

Seeing Webby traded wasn’t my first taste of the business side of the NHL, but it was still tough. It doesn’t get easier, that's for sure. There aren’t too many guys on our team that weren’t close with him. It was tough to say goodbye but I'm hoping to still stay close with him.

Even with the deadline, we've been able to stay close on this road trip and have fun with each other. Whatever happens, happens and there's nothing really we can do about it. Regardless of the time of day or time of year, we go out there as a team every night and play the same way no matter what.

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