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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Jocelyn Thibault
(Editor's Note:  Jocelyn Thibault signed with the Buffalo Sabres in August as a free-agent. Serving as a back-up goaltender to Marc-Andre Fleury
last season, Thibault played in 22 games for the Pittsburgh Penguins logging a 2.83 goals-against-average and .909 save percentage. In addition to the Pens, he has played for the Nordiques/Avalanche, Canadiens and Blackhawks in his 15 seasons in the NHL. Thibault sat down with this week to talk about his new home, being a part of the Buffalo Sabres and what it was like playing alongside Sidney Crosby.)

What made you sign with the Buffalo Sabres?

JT: After I became a free-agent I got a call from Buffalo and got an offer from them. It's a good team and good organization and I was looking forward to joining a team that was a contender obviously this year. I've always respected Buffalo as an organization and as a team. They have always been competitive and a solid franchise. You're always happy where you are but this is a great organization to join and you want to win and it's good.

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What made you choose to wear 35 as your jersey number?

JT: Well, 41 was taken by [Clarke] MacArthur. Before I joined the NHL I had 35 in juniors and I've had some success with it so I figured you don't want to bother MacArthur with 41. I'll just go back to 35 like I used to wear.

What are you first impressions of Buffalo and how do you like it here?

JT: It's great so far. My family has adapted really well. They love it here. As far as I'm concerned I think its a good group of guys. It's similar to Pittsburgh in that there are a lot of young guys on the team. It is very dynamic here in the dressing room and on the ice so it's fun.

Have you had any good chicken wings yet?

JT: Yes, I have. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings and it was pretty good.

Define your role on the Sabres this year and your mentality going into it?

JT: Obviously, I'm here to back up Ryan [Miller]. But you're role is always to go out there whenever you're asked to play and perform as good as you can and wait for the next game. That's all you've got to do. You've got to show up and work hard every day, do your job every day, play well when you're asked to play and that's all you can control.  That's what I expect to do this year.

What are your expectations for this season personally and for the team?

JT: Personally, I want to play as good as I can play. I want to be the best goalie I can be. It's tough because you don't know how many games you're going to play and you never know what can happen in the season.

All I want to do and all I've ever wanted to do is whenever I'm asked to play just go out there and play as good as I can. I want to win a lot of games. We all want to do that. But I want to play to my full potential. And as a team I just got here but everyone wants to win the Cup and we want to finish as high as we can and go along in the playoffs.

Is it going to be weird playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins for the first time?

JT: It's going to be a little weird. But I've been through this situation where you have to play your old team again, so it will be fun.

You've had the opportunity to play against Sidney Crosby in practice every day for the Penguins. How good is he?

JT: He's not that good.

No, I'm just kidding...

He's a very smart player. On the ice you think you had him in the funnel somewhere but he finds a way to make an unbelievable pass to a guy that nobody thought was open. Like I said he is very smart, very competitive and he hates losing. Even if it's in practice, he doesn't like being stopped by the goalie. He will keep going until he scores. So obviously he is very competitive and very very skilled.
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