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by Rob Crean / Buffalo Sabres recently caught up with Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers, the 12th overall pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, which was held in Ottawa.  With the 2011 Entry Draft just days away, Myers reflected on the expereince of going through the draft process, what it was like to hear his name called and being selected the same year as Tyler Ennis and Luke Adam.  Myers also offered his advice to prospects who are hoping to be selected this year.

Tyler Myers What do you remember most about the days you spent in Ottawa leading up to the Draft?

Tyler Myers:
Basically the build-up. I got to Ottawa a few days before the Draft and it was probably the longest couple days of my life.  The Draft took forever to come, and by the time it was over I was very happy and very excited. What was more difficult, the combine and interview process or being in the arena and waiting for your name to be called?

Tyler Myers:
Being in the arena.  After the first interview at the combine, you got pretty comfortable with the (interviews) and you knew what to expect after that, so you got pretty used to it. The day of the Draft, things couldn’t go by any slower.  Even though it was a memory that I won’t ever forget, I was happy when it was over. Did you have any indication prior to the draft that Buffalo would be the team to take you?

Tyler Myers: No, I didn’t have any indication. I had a short meeting with them at the combine I remember, but going into the Draft I really didn’t have any clue who was going to take me. Once you heard your name called, what went through your mind as you made your way toward the stage?

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Tyler Myers: You know what, not much!  I had tunnel vision and I was so shell-shocked I couldn’t really process what was happening.  It was kind of funny, my name was called and I got up, and I had tunnel vision up to the stage and completely forgot to shake my agent’s hand who was sitting right next to me.  It was an exciting and nervous moment for me and I got kind of a funny story out of it, too. The Sabres picked again later in the first round and took Tyler Ennis, who also played in the WHL. At the time, did you know Tyler?

Tyler Myers:
I met Tyler at the (2008 CHL) Top Prospects Game halfway through that year and we got to know each other a little bit, but didn’t really start to get to know each other until right after the Draft at the first (Sabres Development) summer camp and we became pretty good friends from there. With the next pick, in the second round, the Sabres took Luke Adam. You, Ennis and Adam have now each won a Rookie of the Year award at the pro level.  What’s your take on that accomplishment?

Tyler Myers:
It’s pretty crazy when you look back at all the Rookies of the Year in the Buffalo Sabres organization, with three years in a row having a Portland Pirate win the Rookie of the Year in the AHL, it’s pretty exciting with Gerbe, Ennis and Luke.  I still haven’t even completely processed the Rookie of the Year award for me.  I’m very proud and I have a lot of people around me who helped me achieve that. I think it’s very exciting for the organization when you look at that. For the first time, the three of you played together with Buffalo this season. Is there a bond that develops when you come from the same draft class?

Tyler Myers:
Oh yeah.  I think, coming from the same draft and already having three guys from our draft play in the NHL, you feel good about that.  It’s something you share with those guys and it’s something you’ll have with those guys alone that brings you together and makes it exciting to play together. Nearly a third of the picks in the 2008 first round are now regular defensemen in the NHL.  Do you take pride in being a part of that group?

Tyler Myers:
Yeah, I’m very proud.  I remember during the whole draft year, they were calling it the “Year of the D” and I think so far it’s lived up to that potential, seeing how many guys have done well at the NHL level and how many defensemen are playing at the next level already. What advice would you offer to prospects who are preparing for the Draft next week?

Tyler Myers: I would just say, soak it all in.  I remember my draft year being a very long year with all the draft events, and to have it all come down to only a few days, I remember it being the most exciting time, so cherish it and soak it all in.
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