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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Jason Pominville (photo: Getty Images)
We all heard the news Monday about the World Junior Championships coming into town for the 2011 tournament.

I’m definitely excited.  

For them to make a decision to come here is going to be a lot fun for the city- and for the players too. It’s good exposure for Buffalo and it will attract a lot of people.

I know they chose it for a reason.

I’ve watched the tournament before, always around Christmas time when I’ve been home with my family growing up. But I’ve only played in one international tournament.  

It was this past summer at the World Championships in Canada, so it was close to home. I enjoyed it, it was a fun time and my first experience with something like that.  

I think what surprised me the most was the length of it.

We had a week of training camp then the tournament was two to three weeks, so it was a long time.  When you grow up you get used to them being only a week or two at the most or a few days on the weekend.   

Another thing that surprised me was the European fans- they are insane when it comes to hockey!  It’s totally different. They’re singing during the games, jumping around and they have their flags in the arena.  It’s neat and a totally different atmosphere.  

Their fan base is great and that is what you want in these types of tournaments.  It’s great to see these fans and watch them be a part of the game.  I’m sure they won’t have any problem with that in Buffalo either.   

As for the players, most of them end up playing in the NHL.  There is a lot of good talent, good skill, and excitement.  You’re going to see these guys again.

I know we will probably be on the road during that period of time that the World Championships are here, but I’d definitely like to go see it if we have an opportunity to go.  

Hopefully we won’t have to miss it.
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