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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Jason Pominville (Photo: Getty Images)
We’re starting to get on a good roll now, and it all comes down to hard work.

We’re winning battles and it’s because our work ethic has been there. We are finally playing the system and guys have stepped in.

We are a desperate team.

We know we want to start climbing and we want to be better and I think we have lately. Hopefully we can keep it rolling and get up in the standings.

Having a few key guys back is helping as well with Craig Rivet and Paul Gaustad.

They bring that grit we need and play the system well. They are physical guys and we missed them for awhile. It’s definitely positive.

I’m back on a line with Paul now. I’ve played with him before – he is good on faceoffs and obviously a big guy so he is fun to play with.

Matty Ellis is the same way. He has been playing really well and it’s fun to see him get rewarded. His work ethic is awesome. He comes to the rink everyday and works extremely hard.

Our goals have been a product of that. It’s all about getting pucks on the net, not really the tic-tac-toe plays anymore. That’s something we’ve talked about for a while – getting pucks on net and hopefully getting bounces here and there.

Right now they are going in for us and hopefully we can keep them going. We need everybody to play that way to be able to win games.

New York will be a tough test tomorrow. They are a team that’s above us in the standings and they are a good team. Their penalty kill is one of the best in the League. We know what we have to do to be ready for them. Obviously having Chris Drury back in those games make it fun too. Anytime there is a guy that you know on the other team, it always makes it that much more interesting.

I just hope we come out on top.

Here are a few answers to some fan questions that I have received.

What did you do this New Years Eve? Jenna – Buffalo, NY

We were in Toronto for a game so we couldn’t really do much. We had a team dinner and I was in bed by 11:30 p.m.

What is your favorite movie? Allie – Buffalo, NY

Actually I saw Marley and Me the other day and it was pretty good. It was really sad though. But I will have to go with Oceans 11.

Does the team read the signs that the fans hold up? What is your favorite sign that you have seen? Elizabeth T. – Buffalo, NY

There definitely have been a few, especially during warm-ups we look at and laugh a little. I can’t really pick one. There are too many over the years.

Who on the team do you think is most likely to become a coach after they retire? Lisa – Depew, NY

Probably Adam Mair. He analyzes a lot of things and likes going through most of the video, so he would be my pick.

Does it fire the team up when you are on the road and you can hear mostly Sabres Fans? I went to the Tampa Game (12/6/08) and the ones the last 2 years and the arena is overrun with Sabres Fans. What away city do you think has the most Sabres fans? Alex H. – Tampa Bay, FL

It is really cool when we see Sabres fans supporting us at different rinks. It seems like most places we go there are quite a few, so it’s neat to see. As far as what cities have the most? That is a tough question. It seems like whenever we go to Washington there are quite a bit of Sabres fans, and maybe Florida as well.
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