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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Jason Pominville (Photo: Bill Wippert)
Last night’s win was exactly what we needed.

We had a tough couple days of practice this week because our play had been slipping lately. We wanted to take it back to where we were before -  and that’s playing well defensively.

St. Louis battled hard, but we got that great start that we wanted and scored a few goals early. At the end of the period we slipped a little again but we came back, made some adjustments and from then on out played the way we wanted to

The best part is that everyone chipped in – from Andrew Peters’ fights to Ryan Miller playing well and guys chipping in offensively, it was an overall team effort and we’re happy with that.

When you generate things early it helps set the tone of the game. I think that’s the case last night – the crowd got into it and our line responded. Tim Connolly, Jochen Hecht and I have had chemistry together in the past and it was nice that we got rewarded that way with a few points on the board.

We know we can help the team offensively. On most nights we are playing against the other team’s top lines so we have to make sure we play defensively as well.

The biggest challenge against the Blues was that we weren’t too familiar with our opponents.

I know that we haven’t had success against them lately, but it’s hard when you see them only once a year. It’s just the way the schedule is. You don’t play them that often – you get a loss and you don’t see them till next year. It can be tough.

We have another game tomorrow against Columbus, another team in the West so it’s going to be another challenge.

I like that we at least get to play every team at least once though. The new NHL schedule is good for us, it’s good for the fans – they are able to see different teams, different players.

We probably have to travel a little bit more than we have in the past but the schedule is formatted the same way for everyone. No one has an unfair advantage that way.

I think it’s a good thing for the League to do that. You can kind of match up against the other Conference and see where you are at and like I said, it gives fans a chance to see the rest of the League.

I look forward to it.

I thought I would answer a few fan questions as well today:

Who is the best on the team at air hockey? Sara Weber – Columbus, Ohio

I think it’s Andrew Peters. He has this move that I think is unstoppable. It might actually be a flaw in the game because he is able to do it every time. He is tough to beat.

He passes it from the wing to the center and it goes between the sticks of the two defensemen. The times I’ve played him, you couldn’t defend it. The sticks of the defenders were too short. It’s unreal.

What s your opinion about Thomas Vanek? Do you think his position in the team has changed because of his performance this year?
Martin Tatscher – Graz, Austria

Thomas has always been a big part of the team. This year he is off to a great start. He has a big role on the team, as he did last year, but this year it seems like he elevated his game and is capitalizing on the opportunities he gets.

I think the most important thing about it and what people maybe don’t realize is that he is committed to playing well defensively and he is still managing to get a lot of opportunities.

How do you and your teammates feel about Pat Kaleta's play this year, of all the fans I’ve talked to it seems like Pat is not only keeping his reputation as a tough guy, but is now becoming much more involved in the offense, your thoughts? Colton Tinsmon – Greece, NY

I think everyone is happy to see him play the way that he has. It seems like every game he’s out there he draws at least one penalty. He works extremely hard and has even chipped in offensively. Obviously his physical play has been huge for us.
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