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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Jason Pominville (Photo: Getty Images)
Last year’s Winter Classic is something that I will never forget.

Everything about it - the build-up before the game, the hype, the media coverage - was huge. And it was still was better than we expected.

I remember walking out of the tunnel at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which was such a cool moment for us. Just looking around and seeing and hearing all of the people there, the fireworks, the bag-pipes playing - It was the perfect set up.

It will be neat to see the Blackhawks and Red Wings tomorrow when they walk out to the ice, just take a look at their reactions. It’s unlike any other experience they will have.

That’s the funny thing actually. Everyone thought the ice and the cold were going to be the biggest obstacles in the game for the players. Really, it was all the distractions around us.

We were trying to take in the experience too – friends and family were in town for everybody - and there was so much going on. I think that was more of a factor than the ice to be honest.

For our game the ice was pretty great, and it really wasn’t as big of a factor as people thought. Toward the end of the game the snow kind of built up and that made it a little difficult, but I think that may have made it cool for people that were watching it.

We have a game in Toronto on New Year’s Day this year, so I won’t be able to watch all of the Winter Classic, but I will definitely check out some of the highlights. That game is going to be something the players will remember for rest of their lives and they should enjoy it.

I did. It was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
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