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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Sabres sniper Jason Pominville will be logging on to and give his insight into the Sabres throughout the 2007-08 season. The sharp-shooting 25-year-old set career highs last season in games played (82), goals (34), assists (34), points (68) and plus/minus rating (plus-25).

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Jason Pominville (Photo: Bill Wippert)
Everybody is definitely checking out the standings in the conference.

We are kind of taking a peek to see where we are at, what is going on around the league and who is chasing us in the playoff race. But our focus has to remain on one game at a time and we have to try not to think about who can help us and who can’t.

We just have to go out there and win our games and worry about ourselves. Everything will fall into place.

I find myself looking at the results of games more, but I’m actually not watching anymore hockey than usual. I like watching once and a while and seeing what is going on throughout the league, especially if we are going to play that team coming up.

If we are going play Tampa Bay, for instance, and they play the night before I try to watch them. I want to get a look at what they are doing on the power play and penalty kill. That is the most important thing for me to watch.

Watch Buffalo Sabres' captain Jason Pominville as he discusses the team's recent surge.
Jason Pominville

As far as five-on-five play goes, there isn’t too much that I can see or that I can be looking at, but I like to see what they do on special teams and learn as much as I can.

It’s just something that I like doing. It helps me see who I am going up against. If I don’t have the opportunity, or if we are on the road for a while and don’t have the games at the hotel it really isn’t a big deal if I can’t watch. But if the games are available I definitely will.

It is interesting how close every team is though, not only in our conference but on the other side in the West as well. Everything is so tight and there aren’t a lot of teams that are under .500 right now. But that’s what the league wants.

It seems like every team is at the same level. In the East, any team can come out on top and that is where we want to be.

Here's some answers to a few fan questions that I received.

What is your favorite music and your favorite band? Jessica- Buffalo, NY

"My favorite music is rap and hip-hop. But my favorite band is a French band Les Cowboys Fringants."

Do you watch the jumbotrons for anything other than replays? Caitlyn Menda- Kitchner, ONT

"We do actually. We watch the KissCam and see what is going on. We watch it for a lot of things. Some places have a lot of good stuff up there and it’s fun to see."

Is there a scar on your chin and if so, how did you get it?
Ella Furman- North Tonawanda, NY

"Actually there are two. When I was younger I fell and got stitches and fell again and got more stitches. I don’t think it’s from a stick or anything like that so, knock on wood, I’ve been fortunate that way."

Did you play any other sports when you were younger?
Kristin Oswald- Geneva, NY

"I played baseball, soccer and basketball but I always stuck with hockey. I never really enjoyed those sports as much."

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