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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Sabres sniper Jason Pominville will be logging on to and give his insight into the Sabres throughout the 2007-08 season. The sharp-shooting 25-year-old set career highs last season in games played (82), goals (34), assists (34), points (68) and plus/minus rating (plus-25).

Click here to send Jason a question.  Select submissions will be answered from time to time in different blog entries.

Jason Pominville (photo: Getty Images)
I’ve received a lot of questions from the blog, so I decided to answer a few of them today:

What do you think about Jochen Hecht being named captain for the second time this season? Mike- East Aurora, NY

He’s been a leader since the start of the year. He was our first captain, voted by the players. For him to be renamed I think it means a lot. He has helped the team throughout the course oaf this stretch. He stepped his game up, played well and I think it is really well deserved.

How did you get the No. 29? 
Zoey Kratt- Willamsville, NY

No. 29 was actually given to me. Your first year coming to play in training camp the trainers just give you a number for the exhibition games. When I got called up, that’s the number I had again and I decided to keep it. They asked me if I wanted to change it after and I ended up staying with it.

Who do you think is the best Goalie in the Eastern Conference? Brandon- Nashville, TN

I think Ryan Miller is definitely up there, but I would have to go with Martin Brodeur.

He’s been around for such a long time and is so smart. To score on him, you kind of have to do the unexpected because he knows what you are going to do. He is really good with reading the play and reacting well. He is a goalie that is tough to beat.

What teammate do you best get along with? Anna- Buffalo, NY

My roommate has been Paul Gaustad for the last six years, so would have to go with him.

With a playoff spot within reach, are you put under pressure to try and score more, or is there pressure around everyone to score?
Rachel Lucas, Buffalo NY

I think it’s definitely a way to help the team. I think everybody wants to help the best they can and that’s one way I know I’m capable of doing it. Myself and other guys definitely would like to score more. We go out there and work hard and hopefully help the team win. That is what we are all looking for.

What's your favorite thing about being a hockey player? Anna- Buffalo, NY

I think just being able to go out there and play. I’ve been wanting to play for such a long time. Getting paid for playing a game that you love, I don’t think you can ask for a better job.

Is it hard traveling a lot and being away from your family? Do you ever wish that you have time to just kick back and relax on the couch during the hockey season?  Emily Hopkins- Buffalo, NY

We had time off for a little bit during the All-Star break. That was nice to get. The schedule especially this month is going to be really busy. I think we play 15 games in 29 days but it’s actually a time of the year I like. There are less practices and you can just go out there and play. I enjoy it.

How has this entire away stretch felt for you and have you been extremely tired lately? Tori- Cheektowaga, NY

I think we had time to recuperate during the All-Star break, which was really good. We took a few days off and definitely felt refreshed after that.

Once you get stopped for a while and you get back on the ice, you feel like you haven’t been out there for a month. A day off once in a while is good, but also being on the ice is something that won’t hurt us either.

What has been the greatest moment for the Sabres this season so far? Ashley- Williamsville, NY

I would have to say our six-game winning streak earlier in the year.

We were able to pull that off although after that we kind of tripped a little bit going on that losing skid. But we kept in the race, kind of turned this thing around and we are all excited about the challenge we have. Making the playoffs is our goal and we have to go a game at a time. There is no better time in the year.

Do you ever get scared or nervous before a game? Nicole Caputo- Niagara Falls, NY

Not really. I was maybe nervous my first few games and after that the nerves kind of go away. It’s more the excitement of being out there.

If you could participate in the breakaway challenge what kind of move would you try?
Aaron- Plattsburgh, NY

The main thing for me when I go in a shootout is to try to score so I think I would just try to read and react to what their goalie does.

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