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by Jason Pominville / Buffalo Sabres
Jason Pominville (Photo Bill Wippert)
I have to give Clarke MacArthur a lot of credit.

Usually on the wing, he has really stepped up for us with a lot of injuries down the middle – and has done well.

Oddly enough, it’s the same situation that Jochen Hecht was in last season. Jochen had to move from the left wing over to center because of injuries and has adjusted so well that now he is basically a centerman.

That was kind of an adjustment period for me too when he first made the switch. At that time, when I started playing with Jochen a few years ago, we played on a line with Danny Briere at center.

Danny is right-handed so his first look would be to go to the left side. With Jochen, it’s kind of the opposite.

He is left-handed so his first look would be to go to me on the right wing - so the play is usually starting on my side and finishing on the left.

With Clarke, who is also left handed, it is the same thing. I’ve kind of enjoyed it though.

You may have the puck a little more often when you’re in the neutral zone or in the offensive zone on entries.

Watch Jason Pominville as he addresses the media Thursday, discussing the upcoming match-up against the Atlanta Thrashers.
Pominville 11/6/08

I’m not sure how the lines are going to pan out now with Jochen coming back. Yesterday I practiced with him and Clarke, but today I was with Timmy Connolly and MacArthur.

I enjoy playing with both of those guys. I’ve had chemistry with Jochen and Timmy so it doesn’t matter who we are paired with.

I’m just glad everyone is getting healthy – including Jochen.

He is the kind of player that is good in the corner and uses his size really well and turns his back, protects the puck and falls into the style of play that I do as well. That is why we have kind of clicked right away.

Overall, I think Jochen has done a really good job. It’s not an easy thing to move from the wing to center and even on faceoffs he has gotten really good. He is a big part of our team.

He brings a lot of different dimensions to our team and he is definitely a big edition right now.

Hopefully, we can do some damage.

Here are a few fan questions that I received as well:

What is your favorite television show? Briana Mclaughlin – Buffalo, NY

My favorite television show is Prison Break. I’m a big fan of the show. I actually used to watch 24 a lot too, but I have been following Prison Break a lot lately.

Who is your best friend in the NHL? Owen Gow – Buffalo, NY

My best friend in the NHL is Pascal Leclaire, from the Columbus Blue Jackets. We grew up together and are from the same hometown. We played minor hockey together for a lot of years so I would have to say him.

Is the collapsing defense always a good strategy to use? Michael – Indianapolis, Indiana

I would think it is. More and more teams are heading towards that system. They are leaving you to the outside perimeter and protecting the slot which is what every team now is doing. They want to prevent those quality scoring chances and by protecting those danger areas is a way to do that. It’s something we do as a team and you are definitely seeing it more in the NHL. It makes it extremely tough on the forwards to get those good scoring chances.

Durant une partie y a t-il des  lements qui vous intimide si oui lesquelles? (During a game is there anything that intimidates you and if so what?) Landry Martin – Boucherville Quebec

Non il y a pas vraiment element qui arrive durant un match qui son intimidant la seule chose qui me vien en tete es quant on embarque sur la glace a letranger et que leur partisan font beaucoup de bruit cela peut etre intimidant parfois.

(No.  There isn’t really any part of the game for me that is intimidating. The only thing that would come to mind is maybe when you play on the road and you first step onto the ice and their crowd is really loud. That could be intimidating, especially in the playoffs or later on in the season when the games are really important and on the line.)

How big of a Buffalo Bills fan are you and have you been to any games this season? Matt Muszak, Henrietta – NY

I definitely follow the Bills quite a bit. I’ve only been able to go to one game this year against the San Diego Chargers. I’ve been following them the entire season though, and I think we all do as a team, and are behind them. Some of them actually show up to our games which is pretty cool. We are behind them and hopefully I can go to more games.

In your opinion, who has the best nickname on the team and what is it? Anna – Buffalo, NY

That would have to be Jaroslav Spacek. We call him “Pigeon.
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