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by Erin Pollina / Buffalo Sabres
The Buffalo Sabres are serving as the NHL’s guide when it comes to conserving resources.

The team is spearheading an initiative that could save up to 60 million pieces of paper League-wide simply by electing to make media guides available as a DVD only.

“This is the first year that the Sabres haven’t printed a media guide at all,” Director of Public Relations Mike Gilbert said. “We’ve always printed about 8,000 media guides that run about 250 pages long… When you total that up, there is a significant amount of paper being saved.”

Approximately 2 million sheets of paper, actually.

The idea stemmed from the Sabres’ Green campaign last season in which the team condensed their game notes by almost 40 pages per game.

Attempting to become more environmentally-friendly, the League has made the new template mandatory for all 30 teams.

This season, the new DVD format for media guides is having similar success.

“All teams have the option this year of not printing a media guide as well,” Gilbert said. “And I would say about 75 percent of teams have chosen not to and are going to the DVD.”

If the numbers are projected, that would equate to 176,000 media guides not being printed (22 teams each saving 8,000 media guides) and 44 million pieces of paper.

If all 30 teams opted to make a DVD only, approximately 60 million pieces of paper would be conserved each year.
The media guides are typically distributed to local, national and international media as well as season-ticket holders.

With the DVDs considerable smaller – and lighter – mailing the packages are considerably cheaper and use less materials to ship.

“There is a financial savings, but that was not the main objective,” Gilbert said. “We have taken that money and reallocated it into the department to enhance what we have already been doing and help promote our players.

“For instance, Ryan Miller went to New York City for three days prior to training camp for a lot of appearances and media availability… so it really wasn’t a financial thing. We did it more for the environment. And now people are more computer savvy now than they were before. They don’t have to carry around a cumbersome book, they can just pop in this DVD."

“Like anything new there has been a little bit of trepidation, but everybody seems to be on board with it now and seems to be really excited about it so I think that is really positive.

“It is helping us do our bit to do our part and become more green here in Buffalo with the Sabres as well as throughout the NHL. Our organization can take the League into this and, overall, we think it’s a really good project.”
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