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by Kevin Snow / Buffalo Sabres
Buffalo Sabres (Photo: Getty Images)
I’ve had October 1st circled on my calendar for over a month now. That’s the night when I will head upstairs to the man cave around 8:30 p.m., and dial in to the most enjoyable conference call I will take part in all year. With papers strewn about my desk, and a few frosty beverages ready to go, the voices of 11 other team owners on the call will signal the start of my annual fantasy hockey draft.

Welcome to 'Livin the Dream', where each week, I will discuss some of the things that make fantasy hockey so enjoyable…stressful…and frustrating. Forget about that long day at work; it was the multi-player deal you pulled off at lunch that made waking up worthwhile.

Or the romantic dinner with your wife that was interrupted by a startling text message -- explaining that your star player just tore his ACL. Or my personal favorite: watching a guy you just traded days before, exploding for a career night on national television. And the text messages that follow from everyone in your league letting you know about it.

But this won’t be your usual run of the mill fantasy column featuring “Who’s Hot/Not,” or an endless list of player point projections that I came up with while throwing darts at a board all summer. I’ll troll the stats pages each week for some fantasy trends, and take a look at the Sabres schedule to see what opponents you should keep an eye on.

I will also allow you to enter the inner sanctum of my 12-team keeper league, featuring some of the goofiest cast of characters in North America. We’re a hardcore group of fantasy geeks, with stats maintained daily by a fanatical finance guy in Chicago who uses an Excel spreadsheet instead of a web site.

The reason for this is that our point system is so convoluted, there isn’t a fantasy web site out there we can work with. And did I mention the owners? I’m pretty sure we have every fantasy sports stereotype covered in group, many of whom have been part of our league for more than a decade. NHL GMs have nothing on us – especially when one of the guys had to have his wife send trade proposals for him following heart surgery.

I also want to hear from you. Each week I’ll share some of your fantasy hockey stories, trade ideas and player evaluations. This column is about the fans, for the fans. Besides, it’s always good to know that you’re not alone in your addiction.

My name is Kevin Snow, and I have a fantasy hockey problem.

For questions or comments, feel free to email me at
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