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INSIDE SCOOP: Tim Connolly

by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
(The questions below were submitted by Sabres Insiders through the Weekly Report, a weekly recap that is delivered to Insider's emails each Friday.)

Do you believe the extended playing time you have been getting is the reason for your production, and do you feel the more Lindy gives you the more confident you become? Joe I. from Buffalo, NY

Tim Connolly: (Lindy's confidence in me) is part of the reason. I've produced in the past, and with each year in the league, you get a little more confidence and experience. That along with getting the opportunity to play in key situations has definitely helped out a lot this year.

Who was your favorite player growing up, and how much do you train in the off-season? Jason C. from Cheektowaga, NY

TC: My favorite player growing up was Wayne Gretzky. During the off-season, I train about six days a week, two to three hours a day.

How difficult is the jump from the OHL to the NHL? Mike C. from Buffalo, NY

TC: It's fairly difficult, especially when you come into the league at such a young age. But the more and more you play, the more experience you get and the more confidence you get.

What is "different" this year than in years past that has helped you and your game so much? Is it your maturity/experience level, a new found confidence or the style of more open play where you can use your stick/puck handling abilities to their fullest without being clutched and grabbed to death? Chris B. from Williamsport, PA

TC: Three out of my first four years playing in the league, I was 18, 19 and 20 years old and still in the top three in scoring on my team. In 2001-02, I was second on the Sabres in assists (35). I've produced in the past and I've just been improving on my numbers this season.

What do you usually do to get pumped up for a game? Megan M. from Oakfield, NY

TC: Just listen to music. Rock and Hip-Hop mostly.

Tim, why did you shave your head this year? Tom S. from Morgantown, WV

TC: I just felt like doing it over in Switzerland. A bunch of guys on the team did it. I just stuck with it.

Did you change your number because of Danny Gare or was there a different reason? Anonymous

TC: It was partially because of Gare. His number was getting retired, so I just decided to change it to #19.

If you could improve one thing about yourself what would it be? Liz M from Buffalo, NY

TC: Probably my poker skills. They're not too good right now.

What is your favorite part about the game of hockey? Andy K. from Pittsburgh, PA

TC: Camaraderie with the guys in the locker room, being on the road and winning.
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