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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres

January 24, 2006

(The questions below were submitted by fans through and the Weekly Report, a weekly recap that is delivered to Sabres Insider's email.)

What musicians have you been listening to lately? Does your band have any plans to perform in Buffalo like you guys did in Rochester? Elle Foegen from Hamburg, NY

I like The Killers and Pearl Jam a lot. As for the band, we are all in different places playing hockey, so there are no plans for a "tour" in Buffalo.

Which current or former NHLers have you modeled your game after? Who was your favorite player growing up? Scot Hewitt from Lewiston, New York

I would have to say Peter Forsburg for both. He is such a strong player with great skills and toughness.

With you being a center, if you could go back in time and center any two players ever in the NHL, who would you want to play with? What two former Sabres? Frank Diminuco from Williamsville, NY

Probably Wayne (Gretzky) and Mario (Lemieux), by far. That would be pretty good group on your line. As far as Sabres, I would have to say (Gilbert) Perreault and (Pat) LaFontaine.

If you weren't a hockey player, what would you be and why? Lauren S from Akron, NY

I'm not sure. This is what I have always wanted to do for a living.

What was the most exciting game this season for you and why? Jen Wagner from Depew, New York

I would have to say our last game against the Kings. The 10-1 game was pretty exciting, especially for the fans. There was a lot to cheers in the crowd and a great way to go out before our road trip.

I heard you were a big "Seinfeld" fan. What is your favorite episode? Who is your favorite character on the show? Favorite line? Eric Corey from Greenhurst, NY

There are a lot, but I would say the one with them at the mall. George is my favorite character. There are a lot of great lines, but... "This is what were going to do. We're going to go right into the offices at NBC and tell them we have a show about nothing." That whole exchange between George and Jerry is great.

Why do you wear #9 in Buffalo? Shawn Ells from Fredericton, New Brunswick

When I came in for my first camp, I wasn't expected to play any preseason games. I had the opportunity to play one, and there was a "Number 9" put in my stall with Roy on the back. I scored that game so it kind of stuck. I think it looks good, so that's about it.

Was it tough going back to the Amerks after the Sabres training camp? Bolina Chea from Macedon, NY

I know that I didn't have my best camp, but it made me work harder to get back up to Buffalo.

Derek, how much has playing together last year with Jason Pominville and Thomas Vanek, among others, helped you all succeed at the next level? Jeff Scharf from Buffalo, NY

It is great having those guys around now and they are playing well. After spending time with Rochester the past few years, you get a comfort level both on and off the ice when you are around the same group of guys all the time. It helps you know where guys are going to be on the ice.

What is the difference in playing for the Sabres versus playing for the Americans? Is there are a different chemistry with each team? Lori Maconaghy from Depew, NY

Obviously, the speed is probably the biggest adjustment. It is such a fast game. I would say the chemistry is pretty similar. We have a great bunch of guys that get along real well. We all believe in the same thing on the ice and take it game-by-game. That was the way we were in Rochester too.
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