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INSIDE SCOOP: Brian Campbell

by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
(The questions below were submitted by Sabres Insiders through the Weekly Report, a weekly recap that is delivered to Insider's emails each Friday.)

Why do your teammates call you "Soupy"? Jill P from West Seneca, NY

Brian Campbell: Because my last name is Campbell. (ie Campbell's Soup)

How have the new rule changes helped your style of play? Larry from Jamestown, NY

BC: I think there is more skating involved in the game now. You have to go back and get a lot more pucks behind the net. You've also really got to be able to handle the puck and make a solid out pass.

What were your personal goals prior to the season and have they changed now? Mike from Amherst, NY

BC: I may have changed my goals at the start of the season a little bit. I just wanted to have a good year, be a solid defenseman for the team and prove myself in the league. I've gotten off to a good start, but I need to keep things going and hopefully keep chipping in. The main thing is that the team is winning though.

Brian, Amazing start to the season offensively for you, but what has really impressed me is how you have elevated your physical play. You might have the NHL hit of the year thus far, with that hit on Jan Bulis of Montreal a few weeks ago. Have you worked with somebody to improve in that area, or is it just instincts taking over on the ice? – Jeff from Buffalo, NY

BC: I don't think you can really work on your physical game. It's just instincts and being in the right place at the right time. I'm trying to add a little bit of physical presence, and help out with the hitting and the physical play of the team.

What's your advice for a youth defenseman? Dave from Panama, NY

BC: Skate and always have a puck. If you can't skate like the wind, you're going to have some problems becoming a better player. I think youth hockey coaches try to do too many systems these days, especially the younger levels. You should just have the kids out there skating, passing and handling the puck. Really focus on the fundamentals and basics of the game. I really think that's the big thing that kids need to work on and coaches need to realize.

How much fun is it to play on a power play unit that is doing this well? Do you get excited when you see a delayed penalty on the opposition? Kristy from Las Vegas, NV

BC: You're definitely excited. You get to go out and have an opportunity to hopefully get your team a goal. You go through your stretches where it's good and bad, so you just try to stay on an even keel as much as possible. Things will always even out in the end, but it's always exciting when you get an opportunity like that.
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