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by Brian Wheeler / Buffalo Sabres
11.27.07, 1:09 p.m. ::::

Once again, here's an injury update on the Sabres hurting players from head coach Lindy Ruff...

Drew Stafford:

"I think Drew is able to play. We will just make a decision on whether we are going to play him or not. Shoulder injuries are tough.  He’s chomping at the bit. The more time we can get him the stronger we are going to be."
Because you are winning do you maybe not want to switch anything and leave him out of the lineup for a few extra days?

"That can be part of it, but at the same time we can afford to give him a few extra days, which will make him stronger."
Adam Mair:

"Adam obviously is getting better. [He] still feels it on occasion ... which an ankle is probably one of the toughest for playing. We will get him a little bit more time and we will see after tomorrow how he feels. But [if] you are looking at the schedule we have some time, even if it’s one or two more games it will give him enough time to probably get it even stronger where he doesn’t re-injure it."

Henrik Tallinder:

"Henrik, I still feel is going to be in that one to two week range. He got a little skate in today, kind of a controlled, where we didn’t want to aggravate his shoulder at all. That can just vary on how it comes around for him."

Was it a separation?


Dmitri Kalinin:

"Dmitri has kind of hit a stalemate with his [injury]. It hasn’t got a lot better. It hasn’t got any worse. We are just kind of waiting for it to hit that moment where he says ‘boy it feels good now.’ We thought we would be there. I think we’re probably three or four days, maybe five days behind. We thought when we came back from this trip he may be skating so I think there is a little disappointment with that."
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