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by Joseph DeBenedictis / Buffalo Sabres

When I put this episode (or any episode) together, my goal is to give the viewer the same feelings and emotions I had (or wanted to have) after looking through the hours of footage that exist – but in a much more condensed and concentrated way, of course.

I get a briefing from our producer and videographers of what they shot and thought was the better stuff so I have a good idea of what to look for going in. After sifting through all the footage for this one, it was clear the main focuses were

A) How much Matt Moulson’s kids and Jack Eichel seemed to admire each other (let’s call that the cuteness factor)


B) The friendship and comedy that has developed between Matt and Jack.

The horse-riding scene just came out of the fact that there were simply so many shots of the kids riding the horse. I thought it would be hilarious to set it to some ol’ horse riding music so I tried it, and after screening it for our production team at PSE, it got the laughs I was hoping for.

I lean on our team here to give the constructive feedback necessary to make the episode the best it can be. What’s key is getting that fresh perspective of someone who hasn’t been staring at the project all day.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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