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by Erin Pollina / Buffalo Sabres
Ryan Miller (Photo: Getty Images)
Ryan Miller decided to shift gears this summer when looking for a new vehicle; opting for a Chevy Tahoe Hybrid.

“West Herr has been helping me with some of my charities and I needed a new truck because my parents have my old one actually,” he said. “I figured I would get with the times, try something new.”

The vehicle offers an estimated 21 miles per gallon for city driving.

Compared to a standard Tahoe, getting only 14 city MPG, the hybrid could potentially get up to 171 miles more per tank (with a standard 24.5 gallon tank).

The hybrid essentially offers “the same city fuel efficiency as a standard 4-cylinder Toyota Camry,” according to Chevrolet’s Web site.

“It’s been pretty good so far, it really saves you,” Miller said. “I don’t have to stop for gas quite as much.

“It’s also the way you drive too. You don’t have to gun it off the light or slam on the breaks when you’re coming up to a stop sign. Just take your time and you’ll get there just as quick.”

That’s not all Miller is doing to stay conservative. He is also one of 17 members of the Buffalo Sabres participating in the NHLPA’s Carbon Neutral Challenge.

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The initiative, created in part by Boston Bruins’ Andrew Ference, allows players to offset their carbon footprint from extensive travel throughout the season by donating money to generate renewable energy.

In short, to limit the affects that traveling has on the environment, players give money to a charity of their choice that will reduce pollution.

“It’s a great program,” Miller said. “It allows guys to do something that’s really easy.”

When he began looking into it, Miller found there were other ways he could make an impact.

“They gave us a list on how to save and what to look for in your house,” Miller said. “I was really surprised that even leaving your computer or your printer plugged in, just when it’s in the wall, that it’s taking electricity off your grid and that slowly builds up over time.

“It’s important. I just try not to waste. When we go on the road I make sure that things are unplugged, lights are off when I’m gone so my electricity consumption is not that high. When I buy things I try to make sure that I’m not buying too many plastics or that it can at least be recycled.

“I’m just trying to see if I can do the little things here and there… do my part.”

For tips on how to “green” your life, join the Sabres Green Team by clicking here.
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