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by Josh Gorges / Buffalo Sabres

Defenseman Josh Gorges shares what it's like to visit Montreal and show his teammates around the city.

MONTREAL – It's been two years since I was traded to Buffalo, but I still look forward to going back to Montreal. I had a great time there and made a lot of good friends – not even just on the hockey team, but in the city in general.

People there were so respectful of me and I have a lot of respect for a lot of people in Montreal. To go back, go to dinner, see some familiar faces and kind of reminisce about what it was like is always fun.

It still brings back memories when I see the city, especially when there are young guys who haven’t been there. They'll ask questions: 'Where do you go to eat?' 'What do we do for fun around here?' And I'll say 'Oh when we were young here we used to do this, we used to do that,' so you do reminisce a little bit about what it was like.

We did that, actually, the night before the game. A buddy of mine has a restaurant in Montreal not far from where we were staying at the hotel so I grabbed a few of the guys and said 'Trust me; it's the best food in Montreal.' Yes, I know Montreal's famous for smoked meat, but I was never a big fan. It wasn't for me.  

I think if you asked them they would probably agree – it was pretty spectacular.

As for my French, I comprehend and understand it more than I can speak it. I know a little bit, I've probably lost a lot the last two years not being there all the time. But I could understand most conversations. It was just being able to reply back that was the tough part.
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