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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Thomas Vanek (Photo: Bill Wippert)
Fans of the Buffalo Sabres can “go green”- even on the go.

The next time fans make their way to HSBC Arena for a game, they can conserve energy, and money, with a few simple remedies.

Prior to leaving your house for a Sabres game turn down the thermostat. According to the US Department of Energy, “during each 24-hour period, you will save about three percent on your heating bill for every degree Fahrenheit that you lower the thermostat setting.”

A two-degree adjustment in temperature [warmer in summer, cooler in winter] can save 500 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere annually.

Unplugging appliances before you leave home can also cut expenses. Almost three-fourths of the electricity used at home is consumed while appliances are turned off.

Although the switch may not be on, power is still being used.

By plugging in TVs, DVD players and cell phone chargers into power strips, you can easily switch off the electronics at once.

The same theory applies to home computers. 

“There is a common misconception that screen savers reduce energy use by monitors; they do not. Automatic switching to sleep mode or manually turning monitors off is always the better energy-saving strategy,” according to the DOE.

After your appliances are shut off, make the drive to the arena more environmentally friendly as well.

Although it is a habit of most fans in Buffalo and Southern Ontario to start their vehicles 10 minutes before leaving, the practice may be unnecessary.

According to the DOE, “The best way to warm up a vehicle is to drive it. No more than 30 seconds of idling on winter days is needed. Anything more simply wastes fuel and increases emissions.”

Driving separate cars has a similar effect on the atmosphere.

By carpooling with friends and family to the game, you save not only on gasoline but on parking costs as well.

When carpooling, remember to leave early to avoid rushing to the game.

Rapid acceleration and high speeds can severely lower the MPG on automobiles.

Aggressive driving can “lower your highway gas mileage by 33 percent and city mileage by five percent,” according to the DOE.

In fact, every five mph you drive over 60 mph is equivalent to paying an additional 20 cents per gallon at the pump.

To combat high gas prices, use cruise control on the highway to minimize speeding and maintain a constant pace. Also, if stopping for gas on your way to the game make sure that the tires on your car are properly inflated. This can account for more than three percent of mileage.

The ultimate method to save fuel, however, is public transportation. Fans living downtown can take the bus, subway or metro for a game-day commute.

If you live in the surrounding suburbs, you can also drive to a metro stop and take the bus the rest of the way directly to the arena.

This is also effective in saving time, as traffic is heavy following games. Buses can take you directly to a parking terminal and you will avoid most of the traffic as well as the subsequent cost of idling while waiting for the flow to improve.

Once you have arrived in downtown Buffalo and make your way into HSBC Arena, there are a few final tips that can help you to become a Green Sabres member.

Look for "Green Team" merchandise in the Sabres Store, located in the west end of the pavillion area at HSBC Arena, as well as the Sabres Green Team information table to find out more.

Make sure to look for Paul Gaustad on the BlueViewHD video board as well as he delivers the Green Tip of the Game.

There is also more information on to tell you how to get involved.

Just be sure to shut off the computer.

Note: All statistics from the US Department of Energy.
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