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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
D.J. Schiersing: What player did you admire growing up?

Paul Coffey was probably the player I admired the most. He was a great skater and I really patterned my game after him.

Ryan Travers: What do you think the Sabres have to do to improve in the second half of the season?

I think the key to our success is to make sure we take care of our end of the ice first. We have to be patient and take advantage of offensive opportunities when they present themselves.

Russ Hockey McGee: Who was your favorite NHL team growing up?

The Minnesota North Stars, for sure.

Jordan Leopold (Photo: Bill Wippert)
Video: Jordan Leopold
Marc Rybczynski: Jordan, when you arrived in Buffalo, or heard that you were going to be playing in Buffalo this season, what were your expectations at the start of the season and now your expectations or feelings about the team halfway through the season?

Obviously, my expectations were to get off to a good start for both the team and myself personally. Early on, we made some mistakes that cost us games and important points. Now that we put ourselves in the position we are in, we have to limit mistakes and put the puck in the net.

Miak Yank Hallgren: As a fan in England that follows every game, what things have you really enjoyed this season and what was your favorite game?

Overall, it has been a great experience so far. There really isn’t a moment that sticks out yet. Hopefully there will be some great moments at the end of the year.

Robby Lacoss: Jordan, do you like the fact that you are playing for the Buffalo Sabres and do think that the team can have a good playoff run this year? If not, what can we do to make it to the playoffs?

I have really enjoyed playing for the Sabres so far. I think it is very important that we come out of the All-Star break strong and string together some wins. We have to make sure that we are committed to working hard every shift. If we do that, we will make the playoffs and go on a nice run.

I like the entire community as a whole. The people are great and my family and I really enjoy the area. - Jordan Leopold on what he likes most about the City of Buffalo
Phil VanChieri: What's your favorite part about the city of Buffalo?

I like the entire community as a whole. The people are great and my family and I really enjoy the area.

Mary Koszelak Rosenblum: What changes on the ice did you need to make to fit in with the Sabres game play?

I really didn’t have to make many adjustments to my game. The system and style of play helps my game. Just getting used to my new teammates was the biggest adjustment, but the guys made me feel comfortable from Day One.

Patrick Harris: Have you had a chance to eat any Buffalo wings yet? If so, Anchor Bar

I absolutely have! No preference between Anchor Bar or Duff’s because I get the wings from our normal pizza spot in Clarence, which does a pretty nice job with them! I think that’s the best thing…they are good all over the place here.

Sarah Ruckhaus: What's your most embarrassing hockey moment?

I don’t think I really have had one, although I think that one time I was caught on camera in Calgary changing in the locker room, although it was never confirmed.

Katie Marino: What is the biggest highlight of your hockey career so far?

Probably winning the NCAA National Championship in 2002 with Minnesota. The best part was winning the tournament in St. Paul, MN.

Pete Schaub: Did you notice a significant difference in the style of play between the teams you've played for in the Western Conference versus the teams you've played for in the Eastern Conference?

Not anymore. I think both conferences play physical. I think the game has evened out across the league

Noah Harrick: Did you get a chance to go see the 2011 World Junior Championship in Buffalo?

I didn’t have a chance to go, but I saw a bit on television. I think it was a great tournament for our city and the organization did a great job helping to put it all together.

Tyler Daly: How do you feel about Tyler Ennis being named to the All-Star team?

I think it’s awesome. He has played well and I think he will have a great time and represent the boys well.
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