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by Michelle Girardi / Buffalo Sabres

They’ve only known each other for a few months, but Matt Moulson and Jack Eichel seemed like brothers when they sat down for our BBG cameras a few weeks ago.

After spending so much time together as teammates and roommates, these two finish each other’s sentences—unless they’re laughing too hard to get the words out—and never waste an opportunity to make fun of each other’s fashion choices, favorite TV shows or video game skills.

With almost exactly 13 years between them (Jack turned 19 on Oct. 28; Matt turned 32 on Nov. 1), the generational gap was obvious at times, but so was the genuine affection between them.

There were so many fun moments from the interview that we couldn’t fit them all into our episode on Jack’s life in the Moulson home. But, good news! We’ve compiled some bonus footage.

Now you can learn how Matt prefers his eggs, which additional Buffalo Sabre you're likely to find playing Xbox in the Moulson basement, and how all of Jack’s trips to the mall are affecting Matt’s wardrobe. Enjoy!

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