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by Kevin Snow / Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres hosted “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” on Thursday, giving the children of all team employees the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at First Niagara Center. So rather than have me do the reporting for, I let my 10-year-old daughter Alexandra take a turn at the keyboard to give her take on what went on throughout the day. What you’ll read below is her unedited report, along the answers to some questions that I asked her earlier. — Kevin Snow

Floor Hockey w/Andrew Peters (Photo:

When I first got here we all met on the arena floor. There was a bounce house, crafts and ball hockey. They provided pizza, drinks and chips. About half way through lunch Sabretooth came out and played ball hockey. Then me and my dad played ball hockey and I hit Andrew Peters in the head with a ball. After lunch my group went on the arena tour. We went up to the press box and to the wives room. Then we switched and we went on the locker room tour where we saw the lounge and movie theatre and the locker room. The players could live in the locker room it is so big! They even have an Xbox and Wii. They also had cookie packs and a big refrigerator. My favorite part of the day was the locker room tour. My least favorite part was when Sabretooth came out because I hate mascots. The day was really fun!

Tell us about yourself…

I am going into 5th grade next month and my favorite sport is hockey. I also like playing basketball and lacrosse. My favorite TV shows are Psych and Modern Family. My favorite food is Indian Food and my favorite resteraunt is Kunis. My favorite place to go is Disney World. My favorite baseball team is the Blue Jays and my favorite player is Brett Lawrie. My favorite number is 13 because it is Taylor Swift’s favorite number. My lucky/favorite shirt is my Lawrie Blue Jays shirt. My favorite subject in school is reading and I am a Girl Scout.

What do you like about hockey?

I like getting to play on a girls team and I like playing for the Bisons U10 team. I like when you get to go to different places for tournaments. My favorite place to go for tournaments is Erie because we got to go to Splash Lagoon.

How long have you been a Sabres fan?

Since I was 3. I named my dog after Marty Biron and I got to meet him when I was 3. I also learned my numbers from going to the games and saying “Mom, there’s #61 that’s Afinogenov”.

Would you like to play in the NHL some day?

No. I want to go into the Olympics and do hockey and bobsledding, and I want to go into the summer Olympics to play basketball. I want to work in the ER or be like my dad and work for a hockey team.

What’s your favorite part about coming to the office?

The hot chocolate machine, the big TV, playing on dad’s iPad, playing on the computer, the muffins and the bagels, the spinning chairs and eating lunch with my dad.

What are your favorite things to do in Buffalo?

I like going to Talking Leaves bookstore because they have lots of good books there, going to the Bidwell Farmers Market to see the dogs and cats from the SPCA, visiting my friends, going to Wegmans for smoothies and muffins.

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