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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
As far as pre-game rituals go, it seems every player has an anthem.

For Thomas Vanek the notion is a bit more literal.

In conjunction with the release of his biography “The Game of my Life,” (released mid-January in Austria) the winger has taken his project to the next level.

To sum it up: The Vanek Song.

Recorded by Austrian band Delicious Red, the song titled ‘Euphoria’ is essentially a soundtrack for the book.

The song chronicles Vanek’s journey to the National Hockey League, and ties in to his quest for the Cup with the Buffalo Sabres.

To download the full song, or for more information, go to Vanek’s official Web site by clicking here.

Below is a Q&A with the winger about the music, courtesy of

Question: First the biography 'The Game of my Life', now the song 'Euphoria'. How did all that come about?

Thomas Vanek: “Euphoria” is  kind of a soundtrack for the biography.

Question: A soundtrack for a book?

Vanek: Yes, the song perfectly captures the spirit of the book and of our sport. In my eyes it’s a perfect match.

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Question: Tell us more about the song.

Vanek: Well, the idea for the song is as old as the idea for the book. In the beginning we were just thinking about having a song as background music for my website. When book and song were finished more or less simultaneously everybody involved was just blown away by how well those two projects complimented each other.

Question: So, the book has been successfully released in the middle of January. Why did it take until now for the song?

Vanek: We didn’t want to do too much at one point. It doesn’t happen too often that an active athlete releases a book, so we waited with the song. Furthermore, the website was softly relaunched a step at a time and “Euphoria” is now – just as planned in the beginning – the climax and endpoint of that relaunch.

How important is that online presence for you?

Vanek: It’s extremely important for me because it’s an easy and fast way to stay in contact with my fans, especially at home in Austria, and let them partake in my NHL career. That’s also the reason for the book and the song. I want to give the fans something back. It’s definitely not about the money, because all the proceeds from these projects go
straight into my charity projects.

Question: Back to “Euphoria”. How did you choose the band “Delicious Red”?

Vanek: The band was introduced to me. I listened to some songs and liked their style. When I heard the first raw mixes of “Euphoria” I knew that it was the right decision. It’s just like with hockey: I like to give young talents a chance. So why not do it with musicians, too?

Question: There are also always some critical voices out there. What do you tell those critics who say that you should better concentrate on your sport?

Vanek: That’s easy. Everybody needs something else than just his job, something to take your mind off of the usual problems. It’s the same with my team-mates. Some have their
charity projects, some even play in bands themselves. It’s not like I would have been in the studio recording the song myself. Anyway: private life has to stay private. At least
that much has to be true for professional athletes, too.

Question: Have other Sabres players already heard the song?

Vanek: No, but I’ll be playing it before one of our playoff-games in the locker-room to fire us up. The guys won’t be able to avoid that…
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