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by Erin Pollina / Buffalo Sabres
Force and Sully (

For those of you watching Monday night’s game against the Vancouver Canucks… you may have noticed a bit of a distraction near the Sabres penalty box.

Need a hint? Think green.

Located in the two seats adjacent to the visitor’s sin bin, are two ‘Nuck enthusiasts known as Force and Sully - who dress completely in bright green nylon for the greater good of their hometown team.


With Dave Scatchard in the sin bin for goaltender interference, Force and Sully pumped up the crowed by pestering the former Canuck. They waved their arms to called him over, then proceeded to mimic someone crying and scale the penalty box glass, all the while treating the penalized Scatchard like a caged orangutan.

All the excitement was broadcast on the scoreboard, which incited laughter from the crowd and anger from Scatchard, who grabbed a towel and tossed it over the penalty box camera.

Their antics paid off, they got to a player and the Canucks even scored on the man advantage. With that, Force and Sully were born.

The duo have since become fan favorites at General Motors Place, earning plenty of ‘face time’ on the jumbotron and appreciation from the crowd.

I just wonder if I missed them in San Jose.

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